Do you miss the original Naga and Nostromo

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Would you like to see the original Naga and Nostromo re-released?

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  1. I just picked up a the new Blade and was going to get another Naga and Nostromo to use with it. However, I was surprised to find that the current versions of both products have had buttons moved to hard to reach spots, or removed entirely. In particular, the pair of buttons on the side of the left click are missing on the Naga, and the thumb button below the move stick on is missing on the Orbweaver.

    I'm a dedicated Razer consumer, but for the first time in years I'm looking at other brands hoping for an imitation that has what I need. Razer has always seemed to be about giving more options, so seeing options removed is just weird to me. I'm curious if anyone else feels this way.
  2. I came here looking to post something similar--I'm on my third Naga as of today (first one was the original, last two are the 2012) and just discovered that Amazon, at long last, has none of the 2012's available anymore. I was disappointed when they released the Naga 2014 because it looked too much like the Logitech G600, which I'd tried after my first Naga quit on me and the size of it was just incompatible with the way I grip the mouse. I'm not sure what I'll do when my current one quits on me, other than hope Razer re-releases the older Naga models.
  3. R3AP3R

    R3AP3R Active Member

    I like the original Naga, it fits my hand very well. I feel natural and relax when holding it.
    When I hold the new Naga, it feels weird, it's like going to slip away from my hand. I have to "intentionally" grip the mouse.

    I hope Razer can use back the original Naga design but with all the latest features in the new Naga, maybe with the Mechanical-membrane key and the 16000dpi. ^^
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  4. Yep, pretty much.
    I'm stuck with my double clicking molten edition even though I have a 2014 edition in the closet.
  5. Same issue here, I used to have the original naga, loved it, perfect fit for my hand. Grabbed a 2012 afterwards, was using it in its smallest form (just like the original naga). Perfect again.

    Now? I'm stuck with a Naga 2014 made for people with big hand, the mouse is way too heavy and hard to move. It tires my hands and my accuracy is so bad that I even fail at clicking bookmarks properly on Chrome... so much for a gaming mouse.

    I really hope old design get a re-release or at least do like the 2012 and give user the choice to change the size of the mouse. Obviously that feature got removed to cut costs (less piece of plastic to produce / and put in the box), still.

    I don't get why mouse manufacturer feels the need to constantly phase out older models and replace them with things that aren't upgrades but a complete different product (Naga to Naga 2012 was an upgrade).
  6. R3AP3R

    R3AP3R Active Member

    If we get enough people to support, maybe they will bring back the old Naga.
  7. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I find this entertaining, because I hated the older naga mice and I couldn't use them. My hands were just too small to manage the way the buttons were positioned. Once the new Naga 2014 came out and the redesign happened I was finally able to hold a Naga and utilize most of the mouse. (I still can't use buttons 10, 11, 12 without taking my hand off the mouse just to move my whole hand to them)

    Though, I'm also curious about why companies phase out well-liked designs entirely for something new. The older Naga designs and the newer ones are very similar, but for the people using them they're entirely different mice.
  8. The Naga 2012 had swappable side panel so you could technically turn it almost like a Naga 2014. I believe that you do not have "small hands" if you can handle the 2014 while cannot handle the classic one.

    Someone with small hands won't be able to use the 2014 decently due to how heavy and large it is. I'm not even talking about side buttons, just normal everyday use.
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