Do you spend money in Free-to-Play games?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by SnoopWicked, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. SnoopWicked

    SnoopWicked New Member

    I used to make a lot of in-game purchases, but over the past year, I haven’t made any. Is it just me?
  2. jimmycoper

    jimmycoper New Member

    Yes, Path of Exile is free to play but i spend a lot of money for poe currency from SSEGold for saving time here
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  3. TheThanex

    TheThanex New Member

    I would love to sat don't be silly, why would I do that, But I am a gamer, some skins are just needed, some content is just too cool..

    So yes, i have absolutely spent money in free to play games and APPS lollol.
    I just cant be trusted with my own money when i get into a new game or check out a new free to play game
  4. AnipR15

    AnipR15 Active Member

    I am done invested on COD:Mobile around USD1200 since 1-Year of playing that game.. GG..
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  5. JulianKapa

    JulianKapa Well-Known Member

    I used to spend money on free games years ago: Battlefield Play4Free and Need for Speed World. The only free game I play now is Real Racing 3, but haven't spent any real money on it - there are other means instead :smile_:
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  6. RiccoRainaVjBGMi

    RiccoRainaVjBGMi New Member

    I spend time not money
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  7. m3Thf4c3

    m3Thf4c3 New Member

    If i have so much Fun with a free2play Game, like Valorant :heart:, yes sure!!!
    Why shouldnt i spend a lilttle of my money, for those who have created a game that I really enjoy!

    Enough games are made on the basis of a good story/idea you have to pay for and then only get annoyed more and more often because it is *"&=$# programmed or get pached2death.... pubg.... warzone.... bf1... bf5...

    i'm not realy a fan of this crazy skin-posing culture like the kids today celebrate it, but valorant is (in my opinion!!!)
    the best example!
    An amazing background story (with a first-person shooter !!!), quick and fair support, quick elimination of bugs and constant contact with the community, a game that is based on criticism and wishes of the community and develops it further (and not just like the project managers and gamedesigner imagine it ..... * awwwpubgwwwww * ^^)

    it's just fair, to spend 10 bugs for battlepass (60 days i think) or to spend 10-20€ in skins within a half year.
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  8. Missa2

    Missa2 New Member

    No, never. If I can get something for free why would I pay for it. I'm not that impatient.
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  9. Vonred

    Vonred New Member

    I spend if
    1. Waifu. no contest
    2. Give me edge in playing game compared to others.

    If only skin im not buying it.
  10. Giuvannaru

    Giuvannaru Member

    Nah, game free is playing for free.
    Buying skins is stupid for me.
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  11. Merzhinhudour

    Merzhinhudour New Member

    I'd say it's really a case-by-case question, I can play a free-to-play game for months without buying anything, but I can also spend 50 euros in a month.
    Depends on the game, the skins, the items you can buy, and whether or not I find it "worth" .
    Sometimes there's a majestic mount, sometimes a fancy outfit, but sometimes I just don't want to give any money to a game / studio even if there are things that I would like.

    On one hand, when you really love a game and play if for free during years, and also support the studio and people behind it, why not please yourself and give them money ?
    On the other hand, why pay when you can have fun and enjoy for free ?
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  12. depends on what game yk.
  13. Deetz666

    Deetz666 New Member

    12$ for Warzone battlepass, which also works and carries to Cold War as well as the Modern Warfare game.
  14. PhumeleleToniJose

    PhumeleleToniJose New Member

    I few moths ago I played a lot of Crossout, a free to play multiplayer vehicle creator and battler. The magic to me was logging in every day to claim the free money, complete the missions, and receive the items I had set to build the day before. I also really enjoyed the trading system that let you buy and sell pieces with other players. I honestly think it was worth the grind as most of my time was spent recreating my vehicle and optimizing it for PvP.

    The change came in when they introduced a battle pass. I was playing so much I earnt everything that was free from the battle pass and wanted to claim all the cool stuff that wasn't free. So I spent the £7 and claimed loads of cool new special items that I couldn't sell.
    After that, I had a fun week or so of building and experimenting. However, after that week I have barely played it again. I felt like it lost the magic.
    I feel like there is something to learn from this case as it was connected to a battle pass and I couldn't trade the items I had 'paid' for. I wonder if I were to play again now, I could refresh some of the magic.

    My main question to you is, is this a common feeling among F2P players? I played on PS4, but I wanted to discuss whether F2P players on mobile had similar experiences. Also, what is the general consensus on battle omegle passes, I am all for a free game with paid aspects, but when does it get in the way of fun?
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2022
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  15. hoytavalos

    hoytavalos New Member

    Only free-to-play game I've ever spent money on was Path of Exile. Game has 0 pay-to-win options, so no guilt involved, and am glad to support the developers since the game is pretty dang good.
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  16. gstsdw

    gstsdw Well-Known Member

    Never. I find it hard to justify spending money on silly things like skins. If it doesn't somehow enhance the experience of the game or give some kind of advantage, I don't find most paid content worth it. Especially when a good majority of it can be unlocked by grinding and ranking.
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  17. SeanSchorzman

    SeanSchorzman New Member

    Mobile free games - I don't spend money.
    Console free games - I have on Fortnite and that is far.
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  18. Linkuribooh

    Linkuribooh New Member

    definitely yes, i bought several skins in League Of Legends
  19. It really depends on the game. Some of them have cosmetics that are worthwhile while others it's just a matter of if the game is fun enough as is. In-game purchases kind of seem to follow their own meta.
  20. chloro_phyll

    chloro_phyll New Member

    Sometimes I do just for the sake of donating to the developers or when I think I'm going to invest a lot of time in the game. Although, I often find myself abandoning the game within a week of my purchase.
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