Does elo hell exist?

Discussion in 'League of Legends Talk' started by Shifted15, Apr 22, 2018.


Is there a "elo hell"

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  2. No

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  1. Shifted15

    Shifted15 New Member

    Do you think there is such a thing as helo ell and why?
  2. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    it does not exist, If you are good you will climb no matter what
  3. VanHooste

    VanHooste New Member

    tbh i want to say no but ill get to S1 then fall to S3 no matter how well i play..ill go 12 2 15 and have one team mate that loves to 1 v 5 and it all goes to shit for days.
  4. OceanBlueegghead227

    OceanBlueegghead227 New Member

    yes and I'm stuck in silver l

    and I guess it also depends on the server
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  5. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    KDA will not win you games, objectives do. Even if you are 2-5-5 but you focus on objectives then you will win unless your opponents are that good enough to figure out how you are taking the objectives. I main Swain top and I rotate lanes just to push objectives like push out bot lane so we can do baron or push out mid lane so we get fast turrets. I don't just tp in, kill and leave, I stay for objectives. If I TP botlane it will be when enemy top doesn't have tp to answer and I stick around for a tower and drake. I don't play many games but I am still climbing.
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  6. darkkimera

    darkkimera New Member

    i can say that the truth is that in bronze you have to many cases of afk and troller and even if you are goos its hard to carry your team in that situacion
  7. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    ADC is the most important role in league so as long as you are a good hyper carry adc you will easily win games
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  8. heroesofthesean

    heroesofthesean New Member

    As long as you don't have a leaver/inter every game, you can climb no matter what.
    Some tips:

    • For toplaners: if you find yourself losing a lot of games, check your matchups and farming. If you improve your farming, you will get ahead in gold and win lane, and be able to roam. Also setting up a freeze or slow push is a must to know, there's a ton of videos to learn that.
    • Junglers: Try to track the enemy jungle, be there to countergank or if the enemy is ahead, try to invade when the enemy jungle ganks. Try to give your laners advantage with vision/objectives.
    • Mid: perfect CS and try to roam if possible. Help your jungle when they invade.
    • ADC: maxing your damage to the other ADC while still getting your CS. You need to know when to attack who, when to last hit or to shove your lane, and when to back. Play around powerspikes when you complete items, and powerspikes from levelling.
    • Support: support is a difficult role, in all honesty (support main talking lmao). To climb you should calculate summoner timers from your opponent, know powerspikes in botlane, make sure you have vision, be ready to roam (on certain champs this is literally the most important thing you will do all game). Get CS when your ADC is away, know when to poke the ADC and when the Support.
    I recommend checking out Mobalytics to see what you're already doing well and what you can improve.
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  9. Lynxmk

    Lynxmk New Member

    In my opinion it does exist but not in the way many people say it exists. you're not in elohell just because you're in a certain elo. it does happen that there can be alot of toxicity (more then normal) around the ranks zilver 1 to gold 5, gold 1 to plat 5 and so on. people get more frustrated because they are not getting to the rank they want or are afraid they will demote and then shout they are in elo hell.

    But when you are unlucky in the teams you get (its a team game, you shouldnt have to carry always) or when you are having an offday(s) you can lose alot of matches in a row. when you're suddenly at the point where you gain 14lp for a win and lose 23 for a loss i'd say you're in elohell. you need a huge winning streak to get yourself out of there and that can be very tough.
  10. Diblegs

    Diblegs Member

    The fact that elo boosting exists is proof that elo hell doesn't. If your account in Silver is being held back because of bad teammates a booster shouldn't be able to get you to Diamond. But since you can literally get boosted to Challenger, elo hell doesn't exist.
  11. KoreanAhri

    KoreanAhri New Member

    No, but there are times where you feel like you're spending so many hours without getting much progress and it just feels like shit.
  12. 60565

    60565 New Member

    I'm not too much of a gamer as much as I am computer enthusiast, but from what experience I have had in Overwatch and CS:GO, (sorry not much about league), elo hell is really a thing from my perspective. It comes at a rank where everyone feels that they are better than their current rank, but at the same time believe that because they are so good and should be above their rank, do not practice nor try to get a higher rank, thinking that they can simply not try and win and rank up. This mass psyche of "I should win, but don't need to try" compounded by many people will block those who are actually trying to rank up and lead to poor matches. I don't know much about league, but rest assured it happens in many competitive games.
  13. 416AFKFARM

    416AFKFARM New Member

    yes it does exist i feel u its like stuck in bronze eloish
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