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Does my Surround Pro license transfer to THX Spacial?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by SigmaTheFox, Jun 16, 2020.

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  1. SigmaTheFox

    SigmaTheFox New Member

    Hello, I noticed that now there is THX Spacial Audio for Synapse 3, and I have a couple of questions...
    When I bought a Deathadder Chroma a couple of years ago, Synapse 2 gave me a free code for Razer Surround Pro, after a bit I got a Deathadder Elite from an RMA request and I decided to upgrade to Synapse 3 to reduce issues with some Chroma support Wallpaper Engine had...
    Since Synapse 3 doesn't support Razer Surround I had to ditch it, but now I see Synapse 3 has it's own surround program...
    I was wondering if this replaces Razer Surround and if the activation key for the Pro version transfers to this, or if I would have to buy the full product if I want to fully use it.
    Another important question in case it does transfer is, do I have to enter the activation key again or is it linked with the account? Sadly I don't have the activation key anymore as it showed up in Synapse 2 itself as a notification when I first installed it, and not in an email
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