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Does Razer Core X Chroma support NVidia Quadro P5000?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by andrejpodzimek, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. andrejpodzimek

    andrejpodzimek New Member

    Hi Razer! I've recently posted about my endless struggle with the hardware in the title,
    While browsing the FAQ page for Razer Core v2 (not X, but v2), this caught my attention:
    "Additionally, we now have compatibility for NVIDIA Quadro workstation cards."

    Does this^^^ apply also to a Razer Core X Chroma? Or do I have an incompatible device that can't run the Quadro P5000? I was hoping that the Core X Chroma was newer than the Core v2, so Quadro support should be OK, but couldn't find a clear confirmation anywhere.

    (I also opened a support case for this, but later realized that it may not be a failure / defect, but an incompatibility, for which the forum is probably a better venue.)
  2. andrejpodzimek

    andrejpodzimek New Member

    I've narrowed down the problem to the ASRock Creator x570 motherboard: The eGPU actually does work with the laptop; it looked like it wouldn't, based on the PCIe resource problems, but I installed the NVidia driver just to double-check. And BAM, it worked.

    So only the desktop + eGPU case is now an issue. I've updated both threads linked above and will be asking ASRock about this.
  3. andrejpodzimek

    andrejpodzimek New Member

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