Don't forget to claim your dream Razer peripheral after gaming ;)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrianEdition, Jul 18, 2017.

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  1. brian.edition

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    FREE RAZER PRODUCTS and how to claim them

    I have updated the description with a very important info. Please not that from day 7 and beyond you will receive 40 zSilver for daily LogIn into Cortex and not day 8 9 50zSilver and so on! Just incasse your writing down plans on when exactly you will be able to claim/redeem your dream Razer product after earning enough zSilver ^^)
    And remember inorder to earn 900 zSilver per day it's around 5hours of gameplay
    AAAnd you can earn extra zSilver via right here beiing an insider and klick the rewards tab on the top right next to forums and your profile pic to see how to receive additional zSilvery...the best on is the invinity one beiing the CEO of Razer....I want that stataus XD Hi Mr. Min-Liang Tan
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  2. Joikansai

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    XMG Laptop, Germany! it was my dreams laptop before met Razer Blade;)
    Anyway the only problem for me, i just want to play the latest game that unfortunately not yet become paid to play games, playing CS go, GTA V or overwatch sometimes maxilmal 1 hours a day, so earning since April, I could easily get some free stuff with my zSilver, but I am aiming something exclusive like maybe the mug or maybe other upcoming exclusive items, it's really nice feature though that a gaming company does.
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