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Discussion in 'DOTA 2 Talk' started by CokraMehinka, Nov 17, 2022.

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    I started playing dota again after many years of break.

    It is a really fun game! And it feels so good to be back.

    However, there is one thing that just keeps making me rip out my hair.

    Why is the game coordinator issue still not fixed? After several YEARS of this being a huge issue.

    More specifically, whenever I come home from work, and I have made dinner and finally have time to maybe play a game or two. I log onto steam and launch dota 2, and then I see the client keeps loading. I already know what is going to hit me, the coordinator is down. Guess there will be no dota games today. I'll have to play league or do something else.

    When playing league for a couple of years while I was exhaused of Dota, I have NEVER experienced the game servers being down, or any sort of game coordinator issue.

    The worst part is, there is no solution to this problem, and I feel like noone is really talking about it? For me, this is a gamebreaker, because I don't have much time in my day for gaming. And when I do, the game coordinator seems to be down several times a week. I don't understand if this is an issue at my end or serverside, but it happens to my friends aswell. But I would imagine people complained more about this because of the impact it has on game experience, and lack of fixing from valve.

    I guess my point is just, am I the only one having this issue? For me it is truly gamebreaking, because it makes it so I actually can't play when I have time. And concidering this was a widespread issue like 5 years ago and it is still frequently happening, how are people holding up with it??
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