Discussion in 'DOTA 2 Talk' started by Alex_Inquisitor, Oct 3, 2017.

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  1. Anyone has any tips on how to deal with toxic SEA players?
  2. R3AP3R

    R3AP3R Active Member

    Mute, ignore.
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  3. Cpt_Disappointment

    Cpt_Disappointment Well-Known Member


    You become one of us.

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  4. Kcwww

    Kcwww Active Member

    Endure. You soon will become next level of Ninja
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  5. Fm.Nameless

    Fm.Nameless New Member

    Play some relaxing music :D
  6. shamaraenixia

    shamaraenixia New Member

    Can't really give any advice on SEA.. Just don't mind the players you know are toxic and cooperate with those that are not.
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  7. RazerSapiyo

    RazerSapiyo Community

    I'll leave this here :smile_:
  8. huhuchew

    huhuchew Member

  9. spheres888

    spheres888 New Member

    ignore, not much you can do.
  10. LiGhTniNg92

    LiGhTniNg92 New Member

    sucks to be sea, sucks to be us
  11. shamaraenixia

    shamaraenixia New Member

    Sad SEA players HAHAHAHAH.
    oh wait, I'm on SEA too T.T huhuhuhuhu.
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  12. clstorm

    clstorm New Member

    mute or ignore is the best choice
  13. Farees_Raza

    Farees_Raza New Member

    I like the way you think. The motivational speaker we need, not the one we deserve.
  14. The_Titan1912

    The_Titan1912 New Member

    The moment anyone says anything toxic mute the guy.
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  15. clstorm

    clstorm New Member

    Yeah Mute. But those toxic players gonna do some dumb moves like feeding :eek_:
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  16. crazymonkj

    crazymonkj New Member

    PUT TANK IN MALL:wink_:
  17. booruu52

    booruu52 New Member

    get used to it, accept it as part of your life :frown_:
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  18. clstorm

    clstorm New Member

    Keep calm and continue dota :wink_:
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  19. Bacs_

    Bacs_ New Member

    Take a deep breath and move on...
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  20. Gabazaul

    Gabazaul New Member

    1. Try talking in Fluent English if u are comfortable with that ( some ez cancers will suddenly get conscious and stop)


    2. Its pretty easy to spot a cancer early on in the game. ( me mid .PA,invo,tinker ) unless you're more than 4k most likely that's a cancer. Pick a hero that can stay safe and farm without giving a **** about their team.

    OR ohh yeah this is the fun BIT.. BECOME THE CANCER. pick tiny level toss..TOSS get the rune. TOSS and get solo lane since u threw ur mate under their tower. TOSS you got highground vision. KEEP TOSSING.

    Boy, you really came to the wrong server didn;t you?. Still im gonna help u out.LEARN to throw..yes,..Feed a bunch of couriers not ur hero. See when u feed ur hero it gets detected easily as intentional feeding and its not that much efficient anyways.YT has a video of a 0-79 SF winning coz its possible. SOOOO...quickbuy couriers and send them to die..

    ohhhh.. the secrets of the cancer are yours.. so... all of that fails and there u are still wondering how does this helps u. SEA is a multicultural server with a lot of people speaking different languages getting offended and different things this causes problems so its bound to be cancerous . I was a decent person once SEA made me the cancer that I am. I play, I try hard then some toxic ***hole throws the game. I TILT.. I become the same toxic ***hole the next game.. Thats why learn to throw.. Throwing a game is oddly relaxing and helps u calm down for ur next serious game.

    3. Finally the boring suggestions everyone gives..EVERY MATCH mute the opponent team. You have no business talking to them anyway .. no good can come of it in any scenario. AND follow point 2 to detect the cancer early on, Once u do that You can choose to mute the cancer early on ( pffft..the high road ) or follow my strategies..

    TRUST ME ...DO IT ONCE AND YOULL BE ENLIGHTENED.. i have a 22% winrate on tiny in my normal account and a 67% winrate in my smurf account.. the difference? about 2500 mmr...smurf oddly got calibrated at 5.1k and i have a horrible time trying hard all the time on that account and thats why ..ENJOY the cancer..its part of the AUTHENTIC SEA DOTA 2 experience..

    It wont be fun without having a 0-7 pudge mid in my game saying tangina mo gago..xoxoxox...( shit I dont understand ) followed by NOOB SUPPORT NO WARDS REPORT.. HAHAHHA

    hope that helps
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