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Drivers and Synapse

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by CuttinEJ, Mar 10, 2017.

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  1. CuttinEJ

    CuttinEJ New Member

    As much as I appreciate the efforts of Open Source developers, I would much prefer an official release of the drivers for all devices and Synapse to control them for Linux. You guys have some sharp people working for you. It shouldn't be too difficult and would really make Razer a more viable option for Linux users.
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  2. smiley-face002

    smiley-face002 Active Member

    I also want it, razer need to release drivers for Linux.
    It's more trustworthy if the software is from Razer than from a openSource project.
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  3. cyanogen23

    cyanogen23 New Member

    I'd just like to see proper support for the touchpad and backlight on the Blade Pro. Things "work" right now (the touchpad has limited functionality) and I fake the backlight brightness by using xrandr (github.com/cyanogen/fake-backlight), but it's a bummer to do these things on such a high end machine.

    It would be cool if Razer threw some support behind UChroma or at least one of the community driver efforts, probably wishful thinking though :)
  4. This is what I've been wondering. I have been shopping for a new laptop and so far it looks like by saying they 'officially supporting linux' only means supporting this forum. Will there be official drivers? From what it looks like so far it is just a bunch of linux guys making it work as usual nothing official, being able to order it with a linux distro from the factory would be awesome as well.

    I think to officially support it means legit drivers, at this point I would say its simply officially encouraged. If everything ran as intended with all the little nuances like gestures and touchscreens these would sell like hotcakes.

    Just to be clear I am super excited by any linux support :D
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