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Dual Monitor Question

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by battleshark97, Oct 29, 2015.

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  1. battleshark97

    battleshark97 Member

    Hi guys!
    In around 3 months, I will be getting my sister's old 42" SHARP LCD TV and I plan to hook it up to my gaming station, replacing my current Haier 29" LCD TV (this is a crazy idea, I know). I'm planning to use both TVs for my PC, so that I have a dual monitor setup. I planned to use the 42" as my main monitor and the 29" as my secondary monitor. My question is, is it possible to use 2 different sized monitors, or in my case TVs, for a single setup? I mean, most multi-monitor setups uses monitors of the same size.

    Another question is if my situation is possible, can I use the secondary monitor for tactical advantage? Maybe maps, inventories, etc. can be accessed using the secondary screen so that your field of vision won't be disrupted by the menus and you won't be caught off guard. (I dunno, this is just a thought).
  2. truckRoseTaupebuzz376

    truckRoseTaupebuzz376 Active Member

    you can use two different size screens. You would normally run any apps, videos, webpages, steaming software w/e off on the side monitor and use the primary still for gaming.

    If you want a wider screen effect then you would really want same size and a tri- monitor setup to split the picture properly.
  3. battleshark97

    battleshark97 Member

    So I just need to set them as 'mirror' instead of 'extend', right? Thank you so much. How about the tactical advantage part? Is it impossible?
  4. truckRoseTaupebuzz376

    truckRoseTaupebuzz376 Active Member

    depends on the game.

    Most games aren't really setup in such a way that you can "pick and choose" what to put on a given screen. the only example I can think of off hand is something like World of Warcarft where you can use in game addons to move some of the clutter to another screen:


    But wow has a lot of stuff on screen which you dont need to see all the time. Most games tend to have a set UI for a reason.
  5. battleshark97

    battleshark97 Member

    Ahh. Now I understand. Thank you very much!
  6. You can use two different size tv's, but you have to be careful about the resolutions. They will almost certainly have different resolutions so it might distort the picture.
    But you will be able to use them in conjunction
  7. battleshark97

    battleshark97 Member

    Ohhh, the resolutions. I didn't think about that before. I'll be checking on that too. Thanks for the head's up!
  8. VPRX06

    VPRX06 Member

    Aspect ratio also needs consideration as I use a 17.3" screen and a 22.5" which as they are both 16:9 ratios work well in clone or extend mode. If they don't match you'll find the best case scenario is those lovely back borders around your screen to compensate.
  9. Alfihar

    Alfihar Member

    At-least the resolution and aspect ratios should be the same (or very similar) as they are both TV's, on the downside it's probably 1080p along with your existing one. Which is fine for a smallish computer monitor which you sit close to, or a TV which you sit far away from. Not so good if you are sitting close to the TV. Anyhow I assume it's free so just see how it goes.

    Personally with multiple monitors I tend to just end up having things like a web browser (game guides), music player, instant messenger etc... on the second screen when playing games on the main screen.
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