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Discussion in 'Audio' started by Razernewbe, Jan 29, 2018.

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  1. Razernewbe

    Razernewbe New Member

    Hi all
    Looking at Bluetooth earbuds for the razer phone.
    Not sure what to go for, I'm not a music genius.

    Looking for good all round set, day to day , train , gym, watching films, planes.

    Was looking at the razer hammerhHam bt, pixel buds.

    Does anyone know if Google assistant works on the razer's.

    Any advice.
  2. Senlirion

    Senlirion New Member

    Hello there,

    I use the razer phone on daily phone and can assure you that the Bluetooth is trash.

    I don't know if it's software problem or hardware problem but it loses the connection a lot in an environment with no other signals at all and it don't have a lot of range too. With this said, I have the Airpods, the razer BT and the iconx 2018 (and others like the astro A30 or other cheap ones). I recommend to you the Airpods as a simple and efficient solution (great battery, sound and weight) or the iconx if you can hold the inear holder (because can hurt a little in the daily use) that are similar to the airpods now, more expensive and with several apps to control the fitness activity. Is up to you.

    But take in consideration that the Bluetooth is one of the faults here. You can get a lot of delays and cuts just from turning your head around, ofc you have to be really close to the mobile... I come from an Iphone and the difference in Bluetooth signal is AMAZING, I can go upstairs for example and don't lose the connecntion, now If I leave the room it gets impossible to maintain a decent signal (It disconnects one ear for example, have crispy noise, cuts, etc.) Anyway, prove it! That's the best way.
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