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  1. Razernewbe

    Razernewbe New Member

    Hi all
    Looking at Bluetooth earbuds for the razer phone.
    Not sure what to go for, I'm not a music genius.

    Looking for good all round set, day to day , train , gym, watching films, planes.

    Was looking at the razer hammerhHam bt, pixel buds.

    Does anyone know if Google assistant works on the razer's.

    Any advice
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  2. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Not sure about Google Assistant, but hands- down, the best experience I ever had other Bluetooth was with a small $100 unit by Sony (the exact model is discontinued but it is similar to this) It converted whatever earphones you had into a Bluetooth headset. You could clip it anywhere, and it had a mic for phone calls. I had mine for about 5 years before accidentally putting it in the wash. I would use them with my $500 Shure SE 530/535s, so audio quality was on point.

    The best since then are my Hammerhead BTs. Slightly bass heavy for my taste for average music listening, but awesome for the gym, running, gaming, movies, and TV.
  3. Razernewbe

    Razernewbe New Member

    Thank you, just unsure what to go for
  4. thiago-vvs

    thiago-vvs New Member

    Same thing here... o_O
  5. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Are you allowed to use Bluetooth on planes?
  6. Senlirion

    Senlirion New Member

    Depend on the company but normally yes.

    For example they let you use Wifi x'D even in airplane mode. What they don't want is that you don't get distracted and miss the stress on the takeoff and the landing. They like people with the seat belt looking to the same side in case you miss something huge important inside a metal box. In the middle of the flight do what you want, is just a taxi with wings.

    My experience using daily the Razer Phone so far is that the Bluetooth strength is trash. I don't know if it's hardware or software, but is trash. I come from using Iphone so I know what is a real Bluetooth signal, even on the apple watch too.

    In the selection and use of a Bluetooth earbud or headset you have to consider the fact of the distance you can have the terminal from you, if not is like you use connected cables after all. In my normal usage on places with no interference at all I get disconnections from just move too fast or turn my head, in the subway I get disconnections all the time. They come and go. It have improve a little with the last update I have to say, ok, but the range is trash. With the phone in the pocket of my jacket I get disconnections. On the Iphone I could go upstairs of my home and continue listening music on BT but now I can't left the same room with a disconnection of one earbud or crispy sound, normally at the end getting disconnected. Anyway, that's up to you adopt this technology since they take off the mini jack.

    My recommendation having prove all the expensive and cheapest BT in the market, I'm not kidding I have even the carzybaby from kickstarter... The apple airpods.

    They work for all the situations, better battery, fast charge, good range, good sound, smallest, etc. the problem is that they don't work that smooth in android, you can't invoque google assistant and when you take them out from your ear they continue the reproduction, just put them back on the pod and close it for example, or hit pause.
    This two problems, tough, are solved by the iconX 2018 from samsung. They are more expensive, they have a different way to fix in your ear and maybe they can't hurt you using them in long sessions, but they have gestures to control, they track fitness with app, decent battery, good sound and they can invoque google assistant (I don't use this feature at all, you do it holding the click on one of them). Other BT option is the Razer Hammer Head BT, but they are too bulky, the battery section holds too much weight, they have a good quality sound ofc, but the design is from 6-7 years ago, there are cheap options on amazon for example that do the same on chords.

    About the pixel buds, I'm waiting to have them testing, but they are not real wireless like the Razer Hammer BT (horrible name btw). They have single ear connection and works better with a pixel phone not just an android... for prize gain I think totally win the airpods a pity they fu**'n have the proprietary lightning cable.

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