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Ending my brand allegiance due to Synapse 3

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by BattleGeisha, Mar 23, 2019.

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  1. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    So, I checked your post history to figure out the nature of your troubles. The polling rate issue you reported is corner-case and was only very recently reproduced. The fix is already in the next major patch (coming probably later this month).
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  2. RubyRedleetcast194

    RubyRedleetcast194 New Member

    Wow great thread and glad that it's not locked. I was feeling alone here. Unfortunately I am also in the process of replacing my Razer peripherals, annoying as my whole setup was Razer. The whole Synapse 2 and 3 beta is getting me down. And tbh any versions of Synapse 3.0 I've tried are buggy (as would be expected from beta software). However, I didn't spend the sort of money that Razer asks to become a beta tester. I just wanted finished drivers for the hardware that works. I don't understand why a hardware company with profile like Razer is shipping product with what it clearly advertises as Beta drivers with no stable alternative?
    You actually have a working system in Synapse 2 (it may not be as fancy but it works). You have drivers for all your old and new devices for this on the Mac. Why can't PC users be treated the same and have the option of using new kit with synapse 2.
    It would take the stress off the developers, make users happy, all new and old hardware works with the one driver set. (Remember "unified configuration software to provide control over any Razer Peripherals"). Those who WANT TO can try synapse 3, install the beta software, give feedback and if they start feeling stressed revert to the more stable synapse 2. You know the way other companies handle software development.
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  3. MagusRazer

    MagusRazer New Member

    Thanks for that info. I have been reporting this since 18th October 2018. Since that time I have to manually switch every profile.
  4. ScarletRain105

    ScarletRain105 New Member

    I have the same feeling after i upgrade my Hex and Orbweaver to the Naga Trinity and Tartarus v2 yesterday. I have never had that much of problem when i'm using the Synapse 2. I love using Synapse 2 with all kind of macros with multiple keymap setup that's one of the reason why i keep upgrade my gear with Razer product from Nostromo/Mamba 2012 to Orbweaver/Hex because it's simple and functional to use. Right now the more i use the Synapse 3 the more i hate it compare to Synapse 2. It just a huge downgrade for me no matter how i look at it.

    At the time i'm type these things i can't even use a macro with the press to play option it just won't repeat by itself, a function that i started to use 7 years ago when i start to use with my Nostromo/Mamba 2012 and now you are telling me that it just broken with the Synapse 3? Really? Also now i only have one big main profile to control my Naga Trinity compare to what i used to have at least 8 keymap under a one main profile on my Hex. Game base Chroma effect will just freeze in game, i never have this problem with Synapse 2 but i can deal with it for now it just look less cool only. Turbo key just don't work in game (i tested with Overwatch, Apex Legends and Warframe none of them work) it only work flawlessly in normal windows use/web browsing only.

    With these kind of problem(not all of it) i really can't see the reason why i should use Synapse 3 over Synapse 2 if i have a choice. I'm totally fine if Synapse 3 have bug if we can still use Synapse 2 as a solution at the same time until the problems are fix with more update. Right now I just see myself are being forced to be a free beta tester that need to swallow any kind of problem more then a customer at this moment.

    I'm so disappointed with Synapse 3 after my 7 years of using Razer gear/software.
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  5. MagusRazer

    MagusRazer New Member

    I had the same problems as you so I'll try to help.


    They omitted those 8 keymaps for Trinity which really is unbelievable.

    My workaround is this: I created 2 different profiles for one game, named one keymap and designed one button on the mouse to switch between them (there is a mouse function to switch between profiles). This works fine as long as you are only using 2 keymaps, but might need some more work if you are using all 8 of them. The problem with this is the delay it takes for the mouse to register the profile change.


    The problem with the press to play macros might be that you have no delay at the end of the macro.

    In synapse 2.0 it was possible to set a delay in repeated cycles but guess what, you can't do that in 3.0. And you can't even add a proper delay after the macro itself in the editor.

    So the workaround to add a delay for a playback macro is to add a blank button at the end your macro in the editor, while you set your delay on press down or up.

    I don't know if this is exactly your problem but I had this issue with 3.0 and this is as close as we can get to 2.0 functionalty.


    Ahm yeah.
  6. BattleGeisha

    BattleGeisha New Member

    This is very helpful, @MagusRazer.

    I'm heartened by the discussion but a bit worried about how ... there's no kinder word for "delusional" but that's' 'the feeling I'm getting that Synapse 3 is operating at some kind of expected level ... @RazerThe_Fiend, I think it starts with admitting that there is a problem with how the software was released. You also seem to have quite a few IT industry people here and you know, we're all about the "report issues so we can fix them" but releasing software in beta to paying customers is a not acceptable to us. Customers should report to you issues outside of working as expected. Expecting a product to be nonfunctional in some capacities is not what we pay for.

    When I plug in a mouse and it comes with software I don't expect it to refuse to start at all on two separate machines with fully updated OS. We expect it to have certain features that we rely upon from older versions that are (finally) stable. And we don't want to constantly fight it for important things we want to do.

    Again, this is with the intention of being helpful. I don't see this problem being fixed anytime soon, and maybe I'll come back. In the meantime I've purchased some Azio.

    :heart: Diana
    P.S. I expected this thread to be locked and for me to be banned a while ago so I'm gonna bow out. Thanks everyone.

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  7. MagusRazer

    MagusRazer New Member

    Why would you expect to be banned? These posts are the best feedback Razer can get and they should be grateful for them.

    But I need to clarify how it works here. Razer really doesn't read these forums, not even the support ones. They see this like a social media. If you want something fixed, you need to make a ticket but here it comes.

    On every tickect you will be be first asked to reinstall everything and provide them with your logs. I reviewed those log and they contain loads of personnal data. After that they may start listening to your problem but they really wont help you, max they can do is to send your info to the developers (which is the win situation).

    I have learned this the hard way.

    So if Razer does read this, Synapse 3.0 puts more obstacles before people while it really should help us instead.

    Switching to another product is fine, but I need a 12 buttons on side mouse and the G600's are out of business. Hardware wise Trinity is great, but the sofware sucks. I'm also using everything from Nostromo n52, through n52te and so on - but Razer took over these products too so I have to stick with this.

    Have fun.
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  8. ScarletRain105

    ScarletRain105 New Member

    Well i already tried some similar solution before i made that disappointing post but it just nowhere near what i used to have when i'm using Synapse 2. Anyway thanks for help.

    The problem of using multiple profile to simulate multiple keymaps just like you said are the delay. When you are playing some fast pace game it will definitely screw you up 100% of the time. There's nothing i can do about that until they give us back multiple keymap per profile or give us a finish software.

    And for the macro part i don't think that's the problem in Synapse 3 because for some reason the press to play option suddenly start to work normally today and i have done nothing to the software itself it just suddenly work again for who know what reason. For the macro delay cycle in Synapse 3 you can add a delay to the last action of that button(the release action) to setup each delay cycle. I believe that's the way to do it.

    Here comes the funnest part, like i said the macro suddenly start to work today, for trade off now it broke my auto profile switch function. It will only switch the profile once when i start a game and it will not switch around the profile anymore if i tap out to the desktop once. Witch mean i had to manually switching profile every time i tab out for now.

    At this moment i just don't know what to say about Synapse 3 thb. What a great give and take software i guess.
  9. MagusRazer

    MagusRazer New Member

    Yeah that's the thing right. Switching profiles just sucks and it's not just the delay you know. There was actually a bug one time which I reported that when you had a toggle continuous macro going on and switched profiles, the macro didn't switched off and there was no way to turn it off unless you switched to the original profile and pressed the exact button. That got patched because of me.

    For the past half year there is another bug when switching profiles. If you have any profile with a different rate than 1000 hz and switch to it, it won't update the polling rate to 125 / 500 and stays at 1000 hz. That's what I've been reporting and The R_fiend says there will be a patch for this later. I can only hope so.


    You could try the hypershift function, but you probably need to hold the button, which sucks. I haven't tested that myself cause I won't be holding any more buttons but I assume there shouldn't be a delay with that. To make it clickable it would probably need some custom autohotkey script.

    So the Synapse instead of helping us just puts more obsctacles in our ways.
  10. Thank you for this post I would like to echo a similar thought.

    I have been a Razer user for over 10 years mainly due to how much I loved the Nostomo n52te, which I still use 10 yrs later, still running the Belkin powered by Razer software, which works great along with Synapse 2 for my BW keyboard and Naga mouse. Now I would've upgrade the Nostromo but the initial Orbweaver and Tartarus went with the nub instead of the DPad. And I ignored the v2 and chroma releases and didnt realize till recently the Tartarus v2 returned the DPad, rejoice this is almost enough for me to just throw money at Razer.

    Just to note I am an IT Professional as well.

    That said due to Razer integrating with Phillips Hue I decided despite what I have heard about v3 of Synapse I would move forward purchase a new keyboard, trinity mouse and Tartarus v2.

    However the feedback about synapse 3 is so bad plus the fact one cannot import their profiles, macros, keybinds ect from v2. That in itself to recreate is a lot of time and effort, and typically is one of the bonuses of staying on the same platform. Well that and you typically dont need to upgrade all devices at once... Except now neither of these are true any longer for Razer. Not great a look for long time users.It is a better experience if one is a new user.

    In addition there is also a major CPU usage problem being reports, that is not being addressed that requires users to shutdown synapse to get rid of it. Plus crypto mining software included?! Come on...

    At this point as a user looking to upgrade, why not just switch to another platform then? It seems to me Razer has not really taken into account what this does for current customers who have been loyal for years making upgrading a major pain for us. It feels a lot like this is a cash grab for long time users forced to upgrade all device and to use inferior software.

    IDK I might just buy a couple Tartarus v2s and switch over to Cosair for the other stuff since I have to recreate all my stuff anyway. 4
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  11. BowB4Cisco

    BowB4Cisco New Member

    I appreciate the honesty from everyone here, including Razer.

    The software works well for me. I occasionally have profile switching issues, (doesn't work at times) but it has gotten better with each release.I find the software works well and is easy to get around in after watching the tutorials. Don't forget happy customers don't normally hop on forums to rejoice, they are enjoying what they enjoy. People come to complain when something isn't working to their expectations, so it always seems magnified.

    I think Razer needs to drop win7 support and state simply you must be on the latest release of windows 10 for best performance. You guys have way to many variables to design/code for and it's counterproductive to what the goal is: Modernizing Synapse with modern Razer products on the current Windows platform.

    Also users need to understand Microsoft will push updates that can hose Synapse and it's not like Razer knew about it, but they have to patch it asap. With that in mind you probably need a few more developers since it seems to take a long time to get anything out which tells me there are only a few people who are overworked and stressed.

    The only other gripe is while I know for almost a year you've been about quality updates, I wish you would just publish a list of what legacy devices won't be supported, might be, and will be as I am sure this is already known internally.

    IMO any product still produced and sold on your site today should be on Synapse 3 right now. My orbweaver is the only hold out and it's still sold, which is honestly annoying at this point.

    Good luck and keep up the hard work.
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