Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by JFachini, Jun 7, 2022.

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  1. JFachini

    JFachini New Member

    Its been MONTHS since apple decided to update their computers with their M chips.

    Razer has been seating on their hands since that day on getting an updated software to work with apple’s new operational system & processors.

    We’ve had enough. You guys have to stop with whatever bullshit you are up to and release an updated MAC OS version of your software.

    Where is your “client first” policy?? Where is your costumer service with proper answers on when is this going to actually get done?? Stop giving people scripted responses and get your people to work!

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  2. i agree.
    we need it 100% for mac ver. up to 10.xx
    do work Razer
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  3. dr.mikecwolf

    dr.mikecwolf New Member

    Is this serious? I use a home PC and just got a Macbook pro for work, I swap it via USB hub depending on which computer I'm using....Macs don't just support any plug and play USB-based keyboard and mouse? I have a DeathadderV2 and Blackwidow Lite on M1 Monterey. Seriously that they just don't work? I don't need fancy, just for them to be detected and be able to type/use-mouse.
  4. Aikiman007

    Aikiman007 New Member

    Totally agree. I purchased a Raser Naga Trinity only to find it doesnt work on Big Sur and above. Regardless of whether developing an apple version of Synapse isnt cost effective for the company, you have a huge Mac user base that now have devices that dont work on their new macs. Talk about taking our money and running, this is not good business practise.

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