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Ephemeral Social Media: Social Networks Up Next?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Haltus Kain, Feb 9, 2015.



  1. I would use an ephemeral social networking website.

  2. I would stick with traditional social networking websites.

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    xBLASPHEMICx Member

    I think government issued IDs would solve everything, to be honest. Let me attempt to lay out how j think it should go.

    Apply for an ID. That ID once verified becomes your actual handle. Like how you use a verified email to login to sites currently. Difference being that you have to manually attach your unique ID to all devices you use. Your devices will then communicate with government servers verifying your access to the Internet. Only through your verified devices. Your access point, be it home network or public wifi, is irrelevant. The encryption key generated by your device changes every 12 hours so there's be no way at all to spoof your identity.

    Usernames. You will still be free to use any username on a site you choose. Difference from current web would be that before being able to setup your online profile you would first have to verify your identity. This would allow users to keep their freedom and still be completely secure.

    Privacy. Your information becomes actually yours. Since it would be tied to your government application, actual paper forms you fill out, you would never have to enter personal information digitally ever again.

    Those three key points alone would greatly change the Internet as we know it. I also think removing ISP power would be good. Imagine a tax fee for access instead of a monthly fee. You get docked say 12% of your yearly gross for unlimited high speed broadband access. That access would no longer be monitored. Business and enterprise sectors could have employee incentive programs to earn discounts. Google could instill similar incentive programs for content creators on YouTube. Take away the security blanket aspect and make the Internet no less a part of our lives than our daily vehicles. When you hop into your car you don't suddenly become DEADLY_SNIPER_666, you're still yourself. You have access to services, media, travel, and communication. I think your idea of an ephemeral network could become moot if we somehow embraced a more organic Internet. A place where we can express ourselves without fear. Without worry of invasion or theft. A place where the public can commune honestly with one another. It won't stop the creepers. Projects like OPENIC and others in the DN will never go away. But I do believe that strict user registration with actual consequences for trolling or cyber bullying would be very beneficial. Having only one verified usable account per social network would be a great start.

    One can dream, right?
  2. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    There's too many factors for me to be able to weigh them in any useful way. I mean, if it works, sign me up. My chief concern would be making sure it was absolutely secure in terms of not letting anyone login as anyone other than themselves. If today's hackers are any indication, there are some really smart folks dedicated to being destructive; login devices and encryption keys are both above my understanding in terms of what their limits are, but I'm skeptical that would be enough.
  3. BombFeed_no_id

    BombFeed_no_id New Member

    Hey everyone, back in 2013 I created a Public Ephemeral Social Network aka Posts Last 30 Seconds, where you can post as a Guest with No Login, or Sign Up and Create your own Topic/Feed kind of like a Hashtag. I wanted it to be totally open & public so no one could hide behind their Private Profiles and it could be a Social Atmoshere.
    The site is http://BombFeed.com and if you could let me know what you think I would be greatful for that. I haven't made an app yet since I want to make sure before I spend anymore money on development that people enjoy it.

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