Essential Considerations for RazerStore Locations?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PT.Singer, Aug 24, 2016.

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  1. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    After reading a bunch of other threads, and then finally looking at where the physical RazerStores are located — I didn't realize that the U.S. only has one store —I'm left wondering how the company goes about deciding where to put a physical storefront.

    I'm sure that the first requirement would be a location where a lot of people use Razer products, and where the demand for such products are continual (possibly growing). Having an extremely dense population helps, as the more people in an area, the faster the word of mouth, which would help create more demand. The pinnacle of this would be dense populations where there are many gamers, hence the Asian locations (I'm allowed to say this - I'm Asian).

    What other considerations are looked at when deciding possible physical locations for RazerStores? Here in Australia, we're all hoping for an actual place where we can go and see all of the awesome products laid out as they are in the other locations, and where we can have some really cool Razer events, but seeing as there are a lot of things working against us in the overall gaming arena (read: slow internet in general; extremely high prices for high-enough speed internet; having to pay jacked up prices on most digital and technological goods; etc.), I don't see us getting a store for quite a while, if ever.

    I'm asking because I'm sure that if we, as the Australian Razer community, knew what it would really take to get a RazerStore here (I'm guessing it would be in Sydney, if anywhere), we would do anything and everything possible to make it happen ... wouldn't we, Australia?

    I'm hoping that some of the well-known members, moderators, or even Razer staff (I have no idea if I just mentioned the same people three times) can chime in and give us some insight as to how we can make it happen, or at least give the folks at Razer (do you read these, Mr. Min-Liang Tan?) a real idea of just how much we could help make an Australian RazerStore worth opening.
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  2. Hegdaddy

    Hegdaddy Active Member

    There is one store for 320,000,000 people in the USA.

    There are many reasons why opening a shop front in Australia would be a poor business venture for a company that deals primarily through online sales and 3rd party retailers, not least of which the fact that our total population is only 7% of the US.

    Dream on!
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  3. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Yeah, dreaming on is exactly the point of this post (and you're not helping the cause, dude).
  4. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    Yeah unfortunately Razer is one of many modern businesses that works beyond the 'Bricks and Mortar' store approach to keep running costs down. To open a store they'd probably have to increase prices to compensate, not to mention the money they'd have to spend on the store, marketing and more in a location where there's enough people to justify it. Microsoft only recently managed to open a store in Sydney, the first in Australia, and they're a much bigger company who are really trying to compete with the likes of Apple in terms of service and products.

    So, I wouldn't expect to see this from Razer, unfortunately, unless they get really really huge. Like much bigger than they are now. They'd have to rework a lot of systems they currently have and it'd be a lot of work so there needs to be a very decent and safe return on such an investment!
  5. Hegdaddy

    Hegdaddy Active Member

    I love Razer's products but they struggle to cope with the demand they already have, let alone trying to branch out into a new mode of business.
  6. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    Also not to mention that with upsizing often there's a risk of decrease in QA and such. Heh...maybe I should have studied business instead of Games Design :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
  7. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    I get all of that. I was hoping that at some point somebody actually in the know would be able to point the way to us, as a country, being a place where Razer would want to even consider taking a chance.
  8. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    Have a lot of tech-savvy children who have disposable incomes and a love of green?
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  9. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    How do we know that it's not actually a marketing tactic, to keep demand up and prices where they want them instead of where we're (and we all do it already) saying, "Hey, I can get that at 'store x' for cheaper, so why buy direct?"

    I seriously doubt that, as a company, they didn't think of how many orders for such-and-such-product they would possibly get, and didn't have the production numbers planned out from the get-go. If you control the supply, you can control the demand. It's really smart. I'm even acknowledging that it's probably the way it happened, and I STILL want to order a Blackwidow Chroma Stealth (and maybe someday a Blade ... if I ever have enough to justify to my wife having two different laptops with two different operating systems).
  10. forevercrl

    forevercrl Active Member

    I do not know the price in Razer local store is same with Razer online store or not because my country do not have local Razer store. If the price is same, the revenue might be low because many retailers sell Razer products cheaper than official. And this issue may cause Razer do not open in local and keep in online store.
  11. Hegdaddy

    Hegdaddy Active Member

    This is not a 9/11 conspiracy mate.
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  12. Neco2510

    Neco2510 Member

    In the UK where I live the physical stores to demo stuff are very few and far between, Razer could probably make a killing here.
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