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Everyone new to PUBG, don't give up!

Discussion in 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' started by p0000x, Oct 25, 2018.

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  1. p0000x

    p0000x New Member

    I am pretty new to the whole PUBG experience. Even though the game was a bit expensive for me (no job, studying abroad blah-blah the usual), I've decided to get it and join my friends and check out what all the hype was about. To be honest, I struggled to keep myself from quitting the game. Not only because I sucked at first, but my friends trolled me so hard (probably my fault, I was a bit overconfident and bashed them saying that I will be better than they are in no time :D).

    So, after a full of week of getting rekt hard, I decided to take a small break and learn more about the game without playing it, ask people for tips, watch some videos etc. This playlist with youtube videos/guides and gameplay sure helped me a lot, and after watching those videos together with my only friend that is not toxic and was willing to be helpful and plays the game for quite some time too he said that he learned something too! Right after this, play some games, lose a lot of them, win at least one and then head over to this intermediate guideand learn some more advanced stuff. I must say, I still suck at the game but have completely fallen in love with it and can't wait to have some more free time and play some more. Also, the community is fucking awesome! Compared to some other games I played this is pure diamond - other communities are so toxic and not friendly at all.

    To wrap it up, keep your heads up my dudes, do not give up after you fail a couple of times, learn what you're dealing with before you claim you're an expert, watch some guides and get some ez wins.

    Hope someone finds this thread useful!

    Good luck everyone.
  2. HavinaGiggleBro

    HavinaGiggleBro New Member

    I have the exact same thoughts! Don't give up!
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  3. aPoN007

    aPoN007 New Member

    Just practise! Jump to Military, Pochinki, Hacienda, Bootcamp, 100x times and you will get some movement and gamesense. Be fast and prepared.
    Look for armor+helmet pick up a gun and let the show begin.
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  4. XinRui

    XinRui New Member

    Or better use the training mode..
    Try to shoot on the wall and handle the recoil make sure it is all centered
    Then also try to do 360 and shoot at the same object (this to calibrate your brain so you can aim at enemy faster)

    I always do this before I played for around 5 minutes
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  5. rahulgupta.work

    rahulgupta.work New Member

    That is true. The game has a decently steep learning curve. Weapon mechanics, movement, cover-to-cover is a little difficult. But if you put in enough games, you'll start getting the hang of it. After that, chicken dinners and racking up kills is the right kind of motivation!
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