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Discussion in 'Systems' started by PeligroPete, Mar 30, 2016.

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  1. PeligroPete

    PeligroPete New Member

    I'm looking for a secondary monitor for when I pick up the Razer Blade Stealth and Core. I haven't decided on a Graphics Card yet, l was kind of hoping to wait until the Pascal cards start shipping to pick that up.

    So I guess my question is what kind of monitor can I get that I can run from both the Stealth alone and from the core? I'm not real clear on the Thunderbolt 3/USB-C to Monitor yet.

    I filled out a quick questionnaire to provide the answers to how I'll be using it:
    • Mostly plan on using for productivity, coding, spreadsheets, etc... Then some gaming (mostly Strategy, RPGs, Adventure) and some Movies
    • Preferably 30-34in size, would settle for 27in. Prefer WQHD resolution, not 4k. I like the 2560 x 1440.
    • Preferably IPS, clear text is important.
    • 60hz is fine, would definitely take higher if found in price range.
    • Would like to stay in the $400-$600 range
    • Not really sure on best connection method; Display Port, Thunderbolt 3/USB C?
    • Don't really have a brand preference.
  2. TrueLightbringer

    TrueLightbringer Active Member

    How the Core, Stealth and the external monitor works is:

    1) Add graphics card to Core, giving it a number of output ports to work with. Depending on the card you bought, it may have HDMI, Displayport, DVI-D, etc. My 970 has all three, for example.
    2) Connect the Thunderbolt 3-USB C connector to your Stealth. It can output display through the Core, and thus the GFX card.
    3) Connect the external monitor to the Core via the desired display output on your Core (and thus graphics card). Depending on the monitor you bought, you may have only certain input ports, so choose your monitor carefully.
    4) Do necessary changes to Windows to your desired output preferences (Extended displays? Replicate displays? etc)
    5) Congratulations! Enjoy your new set up! Hope you have a keyboard and a mouse to go along with it!

    If 27-inch is acceptable, try this monitor as recommended by The Wirecutter (Dell U2715H). I bought it a few months ago, and I love it to bits. Basically fits all of your criteria, really, except for 30-34 inch sizing. It has all the new input ports that you could want, and even supports daisy-chaining or whatever you multi-monitor Displayport lovers call it. In my country, it comes with a 5 year warranty. Not sure about yours.
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  3. coreyonfire

    coreyonfire Member

    Like @Lightbringer said, but a TL;DR:

    Any monitor will work. The Stealth has HDMI and the Core will have whatever ports you add from your graphics card. Either way, there are enough adapters on this planet to turn any port into any other port, so you will never have a monitor that doesn't work.
  4. PeligroPete

    PeligroPete New Member

    Thanks @Lightbringer , that explanation helps. I am kind of leaning towards the Dell U2715H, I think the only other option I was looking at was widescreen LG UM67 34UM67.

    I plan on picking up a keyboard and mouse as well, now just to wait until the core comes back in stock.
  5. PeligroPete

    PeligroPete New Member

    Thanks @coreyonfire true, I guess I could make it work with even HDMI, I guess I meant to ask if anyone had any recommendations that would work well with this setup.
  6. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    I can always recommend you an ultrawide monitor, because in my opinion it gives you a great immersive gaming experience. Also as long as you don't want anything curved you can get a good 34inch model for 450-500
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  7. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    Get any kind of monitor that has HDMI support, or get one with DisplayPort and get an HDMI to DP converter, that way you can use it with the Stealth alone or the Core. Get an Ultrawide 1440P OLED if possible.
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