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ezreal bot lane ?

Discussion in 'League of Legends Talk' started by helliekyle, Jan 30, 2018.

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  1. helliekyle

    helliekyle New Member

    this week I saw a ezreal bot lane but is he really that good on bot lane?
  2. Leehm

    Leehm Active Member

    It is classified as marksman...
    So...I guess maybe?
  3. DarkImmortal

    DarkImmortal New Member

    Right now they nerfed his early game and also nerfed kleptomancy. He is still a viable champion but build-wise, using blue build is now more effective than using the standard build from season 3-4
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  4. MisterC4

    MisterC4 New Member

    I think vayne and draven are better but ezreal is really good adc
  5. helliekyle

    helliekyle New Member

    yea i know that but is it a good marksman for bot lane?
  6. MisterC4

    MisterC4 New Member

    yea definetely
  7. helliekyle

    helliekyle New Member

    yea vayne and draven both really good even with the latest vayne nerfs
  8. MisterC4

    MisterC4 New Member

    yea riot nerfed vayne but she's still so strong
  9. xabi131

    xabi131 New Member

    Ezreal is a little out of meta right now.
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  10. Mitochondria105

    Mitochondria105 New Member

    I think if you play a super passive game and stack up, he can be pretty good, otherwise there are just other adc's that beat him.
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