Fake Hammerheads on NewEgg

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Kirinketsu, Jul 13, 2017.


Would You Buy These With Out Researching If They Might Be Fake

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  1. Kirinketsu

    Kirinketsu New Member

    It would be nice if a Razer staff member could confirm if these are fake or real.

    While browsing on Newegg for headsets, I notice they had a sale on a few Razer products, one of these products was the Razer Hammerhead V2 Pro for $36.99, 65% off what a deal right, well after clicking on the product and then checking to see if they had the Hammerhead BT I notice they also had Razer Hammerheads and Hammerheads Pro for as cheap as $17 and I thought this could not be right they either have a ton of back stock, these are B stock items, or they are fake. I did some more research and found a Youtube video of someone comparing fake Hammerheads bought on eBay with real Hammerheads so I am guessing these Hammerheads being sold on Newegg are fake ones. I am not sure of legality but surly this is not legal for a retailer like Newegg to be allow to sell fake Razer products. There are quite few reviews talking about how cheap the Hammerheads feel and sound on top of buyers pointing out they understand why they are on sale cause of how bad the product is. Maybe someone from Razer should look into having these removed from Newegg seeing how they are hurting the Razer brand and image.

    I checked on Amazon and I could not find any fake Hammerheads being sold, a good way to know if they are fake is if the seller is from Asian, on Newegg it will say "First From Asia"

    I think the worst part is Newegg was offering Egg Point on a few of them the other day and I was tempted to buy a pair due to the fact you received 200 or 500 Egg Point, on top of them being an almost 100% replica of the real Hammerheads and I am willing to bet they sound better than an equivalent $15 to $20 earbuds you would find in a retail store on top of having that Razer look to them. fake razer.JPG fake razer 2.JPG
  2. jepito

    jepito New Member

    I found this page last year. https://www.facebook.com/ehgamerstore/ Basically, he sells it for around $23. He must be getting his stock from newegg. I asked if the items he was selling were original, he said yes but I highly doub it.
  3. Kirinketsu

    Kirinketsu New Member

    From a video I watched it is quite hard to spot the fake from the real until you have it in your hands, you have to be able to feel the product and the only things that are really different is the positioning of the audio controls, the green color under the earbuds and the earbuds themselves.
  4. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Free shipping... from China? It has to be fake. Ask for serial number, as far I know, fakes doesn't have S/N sticker.
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