Fake Pikachu headphones?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by RoseBonbonRUBYthink189, May 18, 2021.

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  1. Hi guys! I'm new here and bought my first Razer product, that's Pikachu's Hammerhead edition.

    The thing is: I bought it on sale from China and it arrived yesterday. Everything with the package was really exceptional, but I got kinda disappointed with the sound quality, I even downloaded an EQ app on my phone to try making it better. For the lower price and sound quality, I think it might be fake - but I could register its serial number on the warranty without problem, so I'm really confused. Is there any chance that the counterfeit products now have 'legit' serial numbers?

    Also, I can't connect the headphone on the Audio app.

    If you need, pictures of the product/packaging, I can that them later

    Thanks :)
  2. Necromancer359

    Necromancer359 New Member

  3. Necromancer359

    Necromancer359 New Member

    Same situation, curious that they actually register as Razer hardware. Hoping for clarification
  4. Same Situation :slightly_sad: i need some help please!!

    HADOUKEN-RL New Member

    Same here, bought it from a retailer here in Brazil and noticed that the earbuds do not connect to the audio app. And that the earbuds have a red led when pairing, but I didn`t see any leds on video reviews on Youtube.
  6. Saya3005

    Saya3005 New Member

    heyo guys. I looked a bit into it. Seems like theres an Asia and an western version. I compared an unboxing vid ( ) with my earbuds that got delivered.
    I also have the red led so i guess we talk about the same product.
    I compared the package shown in the beginning and the Pokecube package. It was nearly identical with the only difference beeing in East-Asian letters ( i sadly dont know which excactly)
    I guess (and i only can guess) that these products are legit(just from another region which isnt a big deal)
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  7. AtlasFlamex

    AtlasFlamex New Member

    Та же история, наушники регистрируются как продукт Razer по номеру на упаковке, но к приложению они не подключаются. Звуком не очень доволен. Есть ли какие-то объяснения данной ситуации?
  8. Apollo_29

    Apollo_29 New Member

    Got mine today and I have the same question. I bought mine on an online shop and received it sealed. Was able to register the serial number but I couldn't connect it using Razer Audio App. What's worse is that mine was missing the silicon sleeve. I was able to contact and settle the missing sleeve with the seller. But still, I don't know if this is fake or legit.
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  9. bahzeenha

    bahzeenha New Member

    got mine yesterday and am having the same issues. The sound does seem to be inferior to the original Hammerhead, but I wanted to connect it to the audio app to try and equalize it. No such luck. I wasn't able to register it to my account, too, though my product seems to be legit. I bought it from an online retailer as well, who - allegedfly - imported it from China.
  10. Dallas971026

    Dallas971026 New Member

    This is real. They partnered with Pokémon to make a custom version of their wireless earbuds. Although it was exclusive to China, which is why it doesn't work with the app.
  11. Bethany65

    Bethany65 New Member

    I just bought mine a few days ago and am having the same problems. Although the sound quality appears to be inferior to that of the original Hammerhead, I wanted to use the audio app to try and equalize it. There was no such luck. I couldn't connect it to my account either, despite the fact that my goods appears to be legitimate. I got it from an online store.
  12. Injesterr

    Injesterr New Member

    Exact same thing over here, has this issue been fixed. I did register my product which worked for me. but the equalizer isnt picking it up
  13. Hi guys. If you can't connect to the razer's app, it means your earbuds is fake! I notice some of my friends bought fake one and can still register their serial number but couldn't connect to the razer audio app!
  14. daaeed

    daaeed New Member

    I received them sealed and compared everything to known tech reviewers on youtube and everything looks the same, even the plastic sealing. I also could not connect to the app but I noticed the seller mentions on their post that to connect to the app your phone must be in Asia/China region. I haven't tried though as I need to get a phone I can reset which I don't have at the moment
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