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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Nathan122888, Aug 27, 2019.

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  1. Nathan122888

    Nathan122888 New Member

    Originally been given a defective 2019 razer pro 17 on my birthday didn't work and had a messed up bezel had to return it and told I would receive a replacement soon, as soon is a perspective never knowing when and never being able to use my birthday gift. I have been patiently waiting a whole month so I decided to contact them as I am a 100% online student and have a midterm coming up. I been able to handle online classes on my razer phone, but the midterm is a proctored exam which I can't do on a phone. Anyways back to my story of contacting them I was persistent on contacting over and over but came to a point where they finally stated on Friday August 23 the longest I would have to wait for my replacement product would be August 31st and would receive a tracking number by Monday, but never receive anything so contacted them today to come with no suprise their stock is empty yet again. Yet to receive anything even though their online store states they have had the product in stock for the past month doesn't matter if it desplays Hong Kong stock that's where my defect one the first one I got came from so this whole time they could have sent one from their to me but are awaiting for a computer that is in this region which doesn't make sense there is no way there isn't 1 computer in this whole region to be shipped immediately. Anyways they also told me that someone would contact me today by end of day august 27 as I am on the most priority but didn't receive a call all day as I sat anxiously waiting for a call all day. Yet it comes to no surprise how much time they take away from me and the stress and aniexity this situation has caused me they just say sorry we are going to delay it yet again well how I see it as a company employee stating that the company would deliver by the 31st is the company word and you can never go back on your word. Don't get me wrong I love razer products but I am hating their customer support as they haven't help or supported me to geting me my product and once I finally got their word that I would receive my product on the 31st they come up with were sorry ... delay ... might not get it etc. At this point I see no end to this never ending tunnel as nobody contact me I even stated I wouldn't mind talking to their CEO to getting my product by the 31st it can be done this is not an impossible task as every can do their jobs I could have gotten a product a long time ago. But instead have the representative tell me someone will contact me within 48 hours where I stated was unacceptable and that's when she said someone will contact me today. Also took them 20 buissness day to email me my game codes even though I mentioned to them before on 18 buissness days to email it to me this simple task could not be completed so yet again had to ask them to send it again which they finally sent it on the 20th business day. This whole time as a company I have never been offered any incentives even something simple like 10% my next purchase or something like other companies would have offered by inducing stress, and aniexity to their customer, takings time and money away from me, and struggling to stay on top of my online classes through a phone. I only hope they keep their promise and will deliver by the 31st as it can be done. Will keep you posted.
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  2. Razer.Speedcr0ss

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    Hi Nathan. I appreciate that you've posted this to our Support thread. I would feel the same way if this happened to me. This is definitely not the experience we want for our customers. would really like to raise this to our Support Team so we can alert everyone regarding your status. Please send me a PM together with your case ID so I can check its progress, let continue from there.
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