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FAQ: Razer Store Manila @SM North Edsa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, Aug 8, 2015.

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  1. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    I'll try to get to most of your questions:
    • The giveaway will start after the opening ceremony which will be after 10am. If you are early, you may also get to our CEO Min-Liang Tan, Ashley and Alodia and get your gear autographed.

    • We'll be setting up a station to accommodate the queue near the mall entrance. We are working with the mall to increase the security efforts to ensure safety of our fans.

    • Fans in line will be ushered in batches and in an orderly manner.

    • Lastly, yes - the Razer Nabu X will certainly qualify you for the giveaway.
  2. nicolavs10

    nicolavs10 Active Member

    I have many questions about the upcoming store in Manila, Phillipines.

    Razer will be giving away 100 Kraken neons for the first 100 fans with any periphals or cosplay.
    The event will start at 10am but the Mall opens at exactly 10am

    My question are;

    1. Is there any possible to camp inside the mall to wait for the opening of the razer store ?
    - I know in Philippines, Camping inside the mall is not allowed. Not like in other countries.

    1a. If possible would Razer request to the mall management to allow fans to camp inside the mall ?
    -We know that Manila is in the top list of crime incidents. We just need the safety.

    1b. If not, is there any Gate in the Annex that is officially manage for the Razer staff to give out numbers for the line ? (Well the staff should stay super earlier because of huge fans in PH)
    -''Strictly no going somewhere, You need to stay''

    1c. Is there any solution you can think for this problem ?
    -If we waits outside the mall and it opens the fans will rage or can run up to the store to be in line. We want too see how you can manage the line for those who stays earlier for this store.

    2. Will my Razer Nabu X will consider as periphal to get a giveaway krakens ?
    - If not i got 2 nabu x, will it work ?
    - If not i can bring my big Razer deathstalker for that krakens :heart:.

    I really need the answer to #1 because i will travel for like 8-10 hours for me to go in the mall.

    Do you guys have question ? Share with us and Lets see for Min's reply.

    @Min-Liang Tan We hope you can participate with this thread. I know you are busy as a CEO but we know you love the fans :)

    PS: Will be having more question if i can think of any lol
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2015
  3. ZXappyy

    ZXappyy New Member

    Hope someone (razer staff) will answer this questions, especially question 1B
  4. vg0nline

    vg0nline New Member

    Last edited: Aug 10, 2015
  5. TOPAZBubblesaero249

    TOPAZBubblesaero249 New Member

    i posted your link on the razer manila opening page in facebook
  6. nicolavs10

    nicolavs10 Active Member

    Another thing is Sm North Annex have lots of entrance. I think 8 entrance.

    We need to know this asap. or change the mechanics. All fans that came at exactly 10:15am and below will be eligible for a raffle of 100kraken neon.
  7. FullMetal

    FullMetal New Member

    Hope that every fan has a chance to meet min face to face. :)
  8. mikohatp

    mikohatp New Member

    for example we got there around 6am but the first one in the other entrances got there around 5am will this increase their chances?
  9. letsuga

    letsuga New Member

    Is Hammerhead Pro included in peripherals in the Kraken Pro neon giveaway?
  10. RoyalGamerOG

    RoyalGamerOG New Member

    Question which will this station be setup at? Im assuming that this is the entrance which Razer fans will have to be at to be counted as in-line for the event? Or will it be that any entrance to the mall is fine to be at,but you will be counted in-line if your in front of the Razer store itself?
  11. nicolavs10

    nicolavs10 Active Member

    Thanks for answering my questions. I hope we can get the info about the line in entrance as soon as possible so we can manage our time and prepare other things. Because I heard that other fans will abuse their power to enter the mall before it opens and others will use other entrance of the mall to get into the store when the mall opens at exactly 10am. I also heard that someone will just come before 10am (more likely 9:50am) and when the mall opens they will run to get in to the store asap . Please let this thread open for future purposes.

    FYI: Sm north Annex area got 8 entrance.
  12. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    The queue should start near The French Baker at Upper Ground Floor.
  13. nicolavs10

    nicolavs10 Active Member

    Yes it is.

    So the line starts where? (inside the mall or outside)
    I will travel to Manila tomorrow to check the place and the french baker so i will have an idea about it.
    letsuga likes this.
  14. KenzoMNL

    KenzoMNL New Member

    Only those who gets in line near The French Baker? How about the other Mall Entrance?
  15. RoyalGamerOG

    RoyalGamerOG New Member

    So wait does that mean you will only be counted as first 100-500 in line if your in the queue at The French Baker at Upper Ground Floor?
  16. GrantSor

    GrantSor New Member

    I have some questions

    1.)will there be a sale aside from the freebies?
    2.)Meet and Greet with min?
    3.) Is there an afterparty simillar to the taiwan opening?
  17. nicolavs10

    nicolavs10 Active Member

    #2 Min will come, He posted it in his Facebook fanpage. Confirmed!
  18. christianv1234

    christianv1234 New Member

    does the kraken neons have a mic just asking
  19. KenzoMNL

    KenzoMNL New Member

  20. Where specifically is the line queue going to be located outside of the mall? I'm coming over from Santa Rosa and I have no clue where the closest entrance from the mall to the RazerStore is.
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