Favorite ADC/Marksman Champion?

Discussion in 'League of Legends Talk' started by DamonFyrian, Jul 13, 2017.

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  1. DamonFyrian

    DamonFyrian New Member

    Mine is Jinx, with Ashe being a close second.
  2. Jarod_B

    Jarod_B New Member

    My favorite would have to be either Jinx or Xayah, I love both of their play styles and their personalities
  3. MeshedHate

    MeshedHate New Member

    Hands down Lucian is my favorite. Miss Fortune is a very close second as she was one of the first ADC's I ever played. Xayah was released and ended up in my mix, as well as Jinx. Vayne is also one of my favorites though. I main ADC and each of the ADC's have their own strengths and weakness'. Soooo, as you can see I just love ADC itself, as stated though, can't go wrong with my boy Lucian!
  4. Rendaz

    Rendaz New Member

    Urgot ma boi
  5. Brian8253

    Brian8253 New Member

    Ezreal. He has high damage output if played properly and can escape sticky situations with his e. A bit slow to scale the damage, but managable
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