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Favorite anime

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by TechAgn3l, Jan 26, 2015.

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  1. TechAgn3l

    TechAgn3l Member

    I am looking for some new anime to watch in my spare time.
    I am interested in hearing any suggestions.
    I have seen a lot of different ones, but more interested in ones like SAO, Full metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z, G Gundam, Zoids, and stuff like these.
    Any Suggestions?
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  2. ironcrow

    ironcrow Active Member

    Cowboy Bebop is a must-see. It's hard to appreciate anything if you don't know the measure for perfection. Trust me, you'll love it.
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  3. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Outlaw Star was the first one I fell in love with. Evangelion and Full Metal Panic are good, Chrono Crusade is another great one. However, I don't usually do the robots, I'm more of a dark/horror type. So, my favorites are things like Hellsing, Elfen Lied, Gantz, Boogiepop Phantom, Seriel Experiments Lain, Blood: The Last Vampire, Blood +, Vampire Hunter D, Basilisk, Ergo Proxy, Trigun, Ghost In the Shell, Gilgamesh, Le Portrait de Petite Cossette, Kino's Journey, Deathnote ...

    I'm sure I could come up with a lot more that I've seen, or that I own, but without going upstairs to look I can't think of any more. LOL :)
  4. I would say Knights of Sidonia is a must see these days.
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  5. Rodetovenaar

    Rodetovenaar Active Member

    Since we're saying just one favorite, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

    Battle Angel Alita is a close second, but, there's only 2 OVAs of it :/
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  6. tommy ngo_no_id

    tommy ngo_no_id New Member

  7. hybridbreed

    hybridbreed New Member

    Tokyo ghoul, deadman wonderland both great animes that come to mind.
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  8. RazerKreuz

    RazerKreuz Member

    Expelled from Paradise
    altho it's a movie
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  9. fanauthor

    fanauthor New Member

    If you like mecha, I'd go with Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. It's an oldie but a goodie IMO. Some of my other favorites include Outlaw Star, Azumanga Daioh for a slice-of-life fix, Cowboy Bebop, Crayon! Shin Chan if you want comedy and ...that's all I can think of, lol. Either way, some good stuff.
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  10. VelocityRed

    VelocityRed Active Member

    Bleach ! =)
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  11. richy877

    richy877 Active Member

    Here's list on Animes I enjoyed. I like a lot of Variety and dont have one genre I prefer.

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (If you enjoy Giant robots with Insane Epic Scale Battles)
    Durarara (Lots individual character stories that eventually unite, New season just started)
    Tokyo Ghoul (A bit gorey but story is good, Heard the manga was better)
    Avatar- last air bender (Not anime I guess but definitely a Fun show to watch)
    Toriko (Eating and growing more powerful, reminds me of DBZ and power levels)
    yakitake Japan (Baking Bread Taken to another Level)
    Nodame Cantabile (Has a classic music piano theme with comedy)
    Nichijou (Just Wacky and Funny show)
    My little Pony Friendship is Magic (Joking I dont watch this....or Do I?)

    Enjoy my fellow anime fans! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  12. Lycheeee

    Lycheeee Member

    Finally an anime thread :D

    Well. Since you asked. :D
    Here is my incomplete list, I have watched most of them just haven't changed them to "watched", and also many more not on this list.

    If you liked SAO, FMA, Gundam; then I have a few suggestions for you.

    For long running series, the generic One Piece, Fairy Tail and Bleach (at least main story sections) are nice to watch. Bleach died when side stories took over but still hordes a massive white (no offence) fanbase, and One Piece still continuing on with a never ending story.

    For shorter series, SAO season 2 (or even look for the Light Novels, the english translations are floating around somewhere but you might have to *cough* download them *cough cough* illeg- *COUGH COUGH COUGH* gosh, can't seem to finish this sentence. Log Horizon is also a good anime which also includes gamers stuck in a game, but is almost completely different to SAO and is a good watch.

    Some more action based anime series would include Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), Kill la Kill, Tokyo Ravens, Magi (The Labyrinth/Kingdom of Magic [S1/S2]), Guilty Crown, Ao no Exorcist, Noragami and Zettai Karen Children; just to name a few.

    Some less known, but nice series to watch can include, Star Driver, Darker Than Black, Zetsuen no Tempest, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, Durarara, Ben-to, Black Rock Shooter, Karneval, K(project) and Code: Breaker.

    Other good anime's include the traditional Death Note and Code Geass (S1 and S2), those are the older psychological anime's and some newer ones include Psycho Pass (S1 and S2) and also Amnesia and the -monogatari series (Bakemonogatari and Nisenmonogatari)..

    Wall of text. Sorry.
    Check out my list here if you want more.

    Extra points if you know what anime my signature is from!.
    NB: Points being virtual cookies.
  13. ccang5

    ccang5 New Member

    Well I love long animes and the ones I really liked are Hunter x Hunter (This is a must watch), Detective Conan, One Piece
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  14. tenzel

    tenzel New Member

    cowboy bebop,naruto,code geass,X'amd,hunter x hunter, attack on titan... so many more
  15. SirJarren

    SirJarren Active Member

    I love Anime...he was my favorite character on The Muppet Show.
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  16. TheSpartanSlayer117

    TheSpartanSlayer117 New Member

    For me it definitely has to be Sword Art Online.
  17. IronManUtd

    IronManUtd New Member

    God, I have seen so many of the anime listed here so I can't possibly have just 1 fav because I really like a bunch of them, but Zetsuen no tempest really throws your for a loop. Some of the favs are Hunter X Hunter, The Fate series (Fate/Stay Night & Fate Zero), Deadman Wonderland, Another, Mirai Nikki, Black Rock Shooter, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Kill la Kill, Magi, Psycho-Pass, Stiens;Gate, Chaos;Head, Attack on Titan, and SAO.

  18. xShAdEz

    xShAdEz Member

    How could you guys set aside and forgets No Game No Life? Also from recent ones I really like Aldnoah right now. Then most of everyone has been saying is really good and i've seen them all haha
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  19. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    The two Animes that I have actually had to own are Code Geass, which I can not say enough good things about and have watched four times now, and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
  20. SirJarren

    SirJarren Active Member

    Okay, for a post with 66% less smartass...

    If you like SAO and want to see another take on MMO anime, try .hack//SIGN...

    If you like the conflicts and tragedies of Full Metal Alchemist, you might want to consider Naruto...

    If you liked the wacky storylines and combat of DragonBall Z, maybe give Fairy Tail a try...

    G Gundam is tough because it doesn't quite represent the rest of the series. Either way, give the rest of them a try, or maybe pick up Macross/Robotech, Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, and maybe Captain Harlock.

    If you liked Zoids, I dunno...maybe go watch the Lego Movie? ;)

    But for something completely different:
    - King of Bandit:Jing for some thoughtful comedy and clever wordplay (not puns)
    - Seven Samurai for an interesting anime take on an old Kurasawa epic
    - Last Exile for a 'Richard Bach-esq' story mixed into a clash of warring states, flying ship naval warfare, and a holy grail-ish quest.
    - Akira if you want to watch something 8 times and STILL not understand the story
    - Fist of the North Star for a post apocalyptic story akin to Fallout, Wasteland, and Mad Max
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