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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kajira, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I've seen a fair number of people comment on how they've purchased various Chroma products at this point. So, now I'm curious, how do you have yours set up? What is your favorite color to use, or which of the pre-made settings are you using?

    I have the BlackWidow Chroma Stealth keyboard, and currently I'm utterly BORING. I am using the "static" color and just went with green. I really want to use the "custom" setting and then do red/green gradient across the keyboard (for the holidays!), but I just haven't found that much spare time where that seemed like more fun than either being here or in game.

    There are other Chroma peripherals though, so, what are you using and what have you chosen? :)
  2. ThePsyciopath

    ThePsyciopath Member

    Although I don't own any chroma peripherals of my own, the thing that always looked awesome to me was the wave preset that they show on the website. It just looked so cool to have the rainbow wave across the keyboard.

    dIScRAZYgINGER Active Member

    Im in the same boat as @ThePsyciopath i currently dont own any chroma peripherals but I think that the mode in which when you press a key would be really cool but if you could have all the key be lit but only at like 25% and then when you press it the key lights to full and stays at full for a few seconds and then fades back down.
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  4. Imperonism

    Imperonism Member

    Is it possible to create new lighting effects?
    or can I just choose only colors for keys (or just use existing profiles)?

    Sorry for my bad english
  5. On my black widow chroma I typically use the press a key and it lights up then fades back down.
    What I would really like to see in the future would be the ability to set the keys as one color, then when you press them they go to a different color then fade back to the original color. Maybe I'll be able to do that when the SDK comes out .

    There are a few preset animations (breathing, static, etc) and from those you can choose which colors you want. For example I choose the breathing animation and I choose the color red. It would fade from no lights into red, then back down to no lights
  6. Imperonism

    Imperonism Member

    and for example if I want to program a new lighting effect like this one?

    Time: 8:07
    (sorry for spamming other products, I am a BlackWidow Chroma user.)
  7. Elunduil

    Elunduil New Member

    I have a static frost blue for the mouse wheel and a green breath for the logo. Alternatively I have a static yellow for the wheel and white breath for the logo.
  8. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I could never play with that wave scrolling across the keys, but I'm with you 100% ... I sometimes just turn it on to watch it, because it's utterly mesmerizing. lol

    @Elunduil That's cool - I need to take the time to manually color every key on my keyboard someday, but I know for me to do it with my OCD it'll take hours of work on my part, so I've been avoid it thus far. lol
  9. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    I second this idea. Press a key and it lights up made it not so convenient to play in the dark. lol
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  10. SuP3rM4nNy

    SuP3rM4nNy Active Member

    I just have mine in static red. For my blackwidow, deathadder, and kraken. My PC has red light-up fans and LEDs so I decided to just keep it all together with the same color. At times I do fool around with the wave but not for very long.
  11. Ianthus

    Ianthus New Member

    I linked different color schemes and macros to different programs, i.e. Photoshop shortcuts are colored differently. My main setup is custom with numbers green, letters red, F-keys purple and arrows and functions blue. Beautiful keyboard. Really hoping they add some more customization options, as it seems the rest of you do as well.
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