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Favorite Free to Play Game?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by heyitsj9, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. Bendabrenda

    Bendabrenda Active Member

    Smite or Neverwinter!
  2. Appsonic82

    Appsonic82 New Member

    Heartstone (Not the best at it) and League of Legends
  3. xkisu

    xkisu Member

    Mine would either be Trove or MechWarrior Online
  4. Thannis86

    Thannis86 Active Member

    Star Wars the Old Republic
  5. Fuzzybeard

    Fuzzybeard Active Member

    Team fortress 2

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  6. Arseniclabthink809

    Arseniclabthink809 New Member

    I'll go with Path of Exile
  7. Inferno89

    Inferno89 New Member

    lol, maple story
  8. hjilp

    hjilp Member

    Hearthstone, "Free to play"
  9. 1748256190

    1748256190 Member

    I love Valve's Team Fortress 2. It's friendly and more casual than your average first person shooter. I love to play the medic. I heal all day and support my team, unlike if I just missed hits on the enemies. I have terrible aim, by the way.
  10. SarinaStream

    SarinaStream Member

    Heroes of the Storm ;3
  11. SA_Shade

    SA_Shade Member

    MapleStory ? lol. Or maybe Guild wars 2, since now its free to play.
  12. League of Legends. Really good game overall for how much "free" it is. Hearthstone is also a good f2p game. Not sure about Heroes of the Storm but I really want to play that game.
  13. League of Legends. Although I've spent too much money on that game to consider it free for me xD. My other favorite f2p game is Hearthstone. Haven't spent a single penny on that game and built up a card collection over more than a year that packs quite the punch.
  14. tonzkie

    tonzkie Member

    Dota 2 :cool:
  15. GenTheIdiot

    GenTheIdiot Active Member

    Team Fortress 2, but Warframe is worth a look. It's actually quite fun. As long as you don't mind reviving your lower-level friends every couple of seconds.
  16. ziraka

    ziraka New Member

    LoL, Silkroad, PWI and Osu!
  17. Sc0rpiom

    Sc0rpiom Member

    Smite is very cool
  18. Eddie170913

    Eddie170913 Member

  19. I loved T Crew when it came out, but I probably didn't play it enough to get sick of it.
    I can't say it's a favorite but I play Heroes of the Storm from time to time.
  20. Krystian1337

    Krystian1337 Member

    Hearthstone for long time now
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