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Favorite Game Ending

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by RunemaBlisk, Dec 30, 2014.

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  1. Splntr

    Splntr New Member

    agreed with red dead and bioshock infinite. heavy rain was a doozy as well.
  2. LottoJgk

    LottoJgk New Member

    Personally i love the ending of Portal 1 :heart:
  3. Hasuuka

    Hasuuka New Member

    Mass Effect trilogy :heart:
  4. BensLi

    BensLi New Member

    Heavy Rain! :)
  5. QuoterMusic

    QuoterMusic New Member

    I like point and click adventure and the ending from Harvey’s New Eyes and Deponia
  6. Inkisitor

    Inkisitor New Member

    I was sad with the end of GTA 5 because you have to do the most difficult choice of your life! Soooo i chose to keep everybody in life! XD
  7. Phib3r0p7ik

    Phib3r0p7ik New Member

    Super Mario 2!
  8. I enjoyed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  9. Hmm, I think Heavy Rain. Amazing story overall but the ending is something I still remember.
  10. Going Bioshock Infinite at least as far as I can remember. It left me both wonderous, sad and in awe!
  11. Fatalitychicken

    Fatalitychicken New Member

    Gta V, might not be the best ending but it definatly suprised me when SPOILER ALERT you get to choose to kill Micheal, Trevor, or start an all out war. It was a tough decision because I hated Trevor because of who he was in the story, but couldn't bring myself to kill that awesome of a character.
  12. Tazok

    Tazok New Member

    Red Dead Redemption ( I mean the "first" ending anyway) the actual credits ending was disapointing
  13. lucian127

    lucian127 New Member

    I'd go with Metro Last Light, the neidng was really satisfying.
  14. prophet968

    prophet968 New Member

    For me it's 100% BioShock infinite and Dishonored. Probably slighty biased towards bioshock though..
  15. arlarc

    arlarc New Member

    I liked the ending to MW3. When you had the pistol and you had to shoot the guy while laying down on the bridge pretending to act dead.
  16. Definitely Legend of Zelda : Links Awakening.
  17. Bio shock infinite left me confused af, but I enjoyed it to the very end
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