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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by kajira, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I keep following along with the thread about what people listen to while gaming, and there seems to be quite a few who enjoy listening to the in-game soundtracks. So, in your opinion, what game has had the best sondtrack?? :)
  2. Pistachio_no_id

    Pistachio_no_id New Member

    Can't have this topic without listing Final Fantasy!
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  3. Rehok

    Rehok New Member

    So Many to chose from, It would probs be Bastion - build the wall
  4. Grasume

    Grasume New Member

    Entropia Universe has some of the most unique and Science Fiction music that I have found to this day.
  5. Watch Dogs. No doubt
  6. Without a doubt the game that got me interested in game soundtracks is the original Halo. Very impressive for a 14 year old me and still very recognizable now.
  7. ElstenWeiss

    ElstenWeiss Active Member

    Final Fantasy VI soundtrack. While there have been other songs / background musics that are better, the FF6 soundtrack is the only one where I can listen to the entire thing and not have a "boring" or "hurry up and get to the good bits" track anywhere in the entire soundtrack.
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  8. Bastion, or Super Meatboy maybe.
  9. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    Ragnarok Online!
  10. SuP3rM4nNy

    SuP3rM4nNy Active Member

    Halo 2! I love the theme song. That guitar is just too awesome!
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  11. Entru

    Entru New Member

    Chrono Trigger
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  12. MiddleYellowhitx620

    MiddleYellowhitx620 New Member

    Watch Dogs for sure
  13. Herrix

    Herrix New Member

    OOT sound track for sure..
  14. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I think for me the best game soundtrack isn't entirely a game sound track, it is ... but not... I really like all the music associated the .//HACK sign games/anime (I just remember that our old PlayStation games had the anime disks in there too, it was kind of a combo deal. hehe)
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  15. Vorgin

    Vorgin New Member

    For me this all depends on what i am playing.
    One of my favourites, especially when playing CS:GO is
    Nightwish - The Kinslayer
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  16. CobraDirector

    CobraDirector Member

    You would think I'd pick an RPG for this but I'd go with "Revenge of Shinobi" for the Sega Genesis. Awesome stuff. China Town is my favorite track of the bunch.
  17. ElstenWeiss

    ElstenWeiss Active Member

    Trip down memory lane~


  18. GW2 and Skyrim soundtracks are on point
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  19. RazerLegion

    RazerLegion New Member

    Transistors soundtrack is wonderful.
  20. DyliciousXD

    DyliciousXD New Member

    Besides final fantasy, zelda also ranks up there pretty high.
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