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Favorite Gaming Snacks/Drinks

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by the4thderivative, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. KeltonPlays

    KeltonPlays Member

    Man if only I had a job. I'm 15 but if I had money for Gaming snacks it would probably consist of Mtn Dew, AMP, Cosmic Brownies and probably some Cheez Itz or however its spelled
  2. KeltonPlays

    KeltonPlays Member

    Oh yeah and Hot Cheetos, though I might lose concentration
  3. dclanz

    dclanz Member

    Skittles and a bottle or 2 of water. Sugar takes me from daybreak to daybreak. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  4. dlinv773_no_id

    dlinv773_no_id New Member

    normally its Coca-Cola and M&M's, but trying to cut back on the soda so now its GFuel in its place
  5. Kn0var

    Kn0var Member

    A nice, refreshing chilled glass of water, and a healthy selection of ripe fruit.
  6. Caraver

    Caraver New Member

    Cheetos and Coke

    Best way to get fat while gaming
  7. Warman1ac_no_id

    Warman1ac_no_id New Member

    Tbh I never really understood why people like to eat chips while on their computers. From my experiences, it always gets a lot of oils onto the computers. And with my Alienware 14 (oops should have gotten Razer Blade), the oils are extremely obvious
  8. The white zero calorie monster energy drink and various chips. Sometimes if my neices bring candy i substitute the chips for it.
  9. cbear83

    cbear83 New Member

    I like to drink large quantities of green tea. I have a cute tea pot I brew it in and take with me to the computer to refill my cup. Sometimes I have coffee, though. Not really much for snacking while gaming, though. Nobody likes cheetos crusted mouse buttons or keyboard keys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  10. Doritos and mountain dew, obviously
  11. Isichu

    Isichu New Member

    Some ice cream and Red bull or Gatorade but not often. :D
  12. Th3WatchR

    Th3WatchR New Member

    Coca-Cola and M&Ms
  13. flamesser

    flamesser New Member

    PEPERO ftw, i have all the flavors and they are especially clean and don't dirty your keyboard.
  14. armedsoulreaper

    armedsoulreaper New Member

    Hummm I like to eat grapes and maybe some cheese as they are not greases and don't need to wipe cheeto power off my hands. And plenty of water.
  15. Clessiah

    Clessiah New Member

    Water. I gulp it down without guilt, and the snack money goes toward my next mouse. Win-Win.
  16. Soulleper

    Soulleper New Member

    Sushi and curry are my favorite snack foods although they aren't really snack foods. Water and or any type of soda.
  17. Freeakk

    Freeakk New Member

    Cola and a bag of Trolli Crawlers.
  18. Gilium

    Gilium New Member

    Whenever I'm playing for longer periods I really just prefer Pepsi/Coke but atm trying to just drink milk/juice to get my macros right.
  19. DarkWolfBandit

    DarkWolfBandit New Member

    Mountain Dew, smartpop, pretzels, and occasionally corn chips with dip
    I don't mind messy hands, I just enjoy the food
  20. smlwong

    smlwong New Member

    I go for biscuits or cashew nuts usually
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