Favorite Gaming Snacks/Drinks

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by the4thderivative, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. Dasadorah

    Dasadorah Member

    Hmm the question is what do I not eat?? Lol
    I eat tons of apples and grapes! Lol I wish I was that healthy. The only healthy thing I eat is seaweed! Other things are candy bars! Lots and lots of chocolate. Soda, chips and beer! Pretty much anything I can get my hands on or try to get my husband to go to the store. When I game I don't get up for anything but ya know... Lol
  2. Beer and Chips or PopCorn it's the best with some lol and cs game :D.
  3. GeorgeOgle

    GeorgeOgle New Member

    as generic as it sounds, i've always been a fan of a good bottle of mountain dew and a packet of doritos! although they're incredibly messy, i could do with an easier solution for gaming food really.
  4. kiocIoud

    kiocIoud New Member

    Munchiesss. Throw 'em in a cup and start chowing down.
  5. Fabbbyyy

    Fabbbyyy New Member

    Potato Chips & Coke. Awesome feeling especially with that spiciness :eek:
  6. I like Ritz Crackers and water, keeps me big.
  7. MrJOVA

    MrJOVA New Member

    For drinks I would go for MONSTER energy drink ('The Doctor' or original). It's a big ass can which is awesome on itself, the taste is like a nectar of the gods and that boost of energy is something every gamer needs to go through a night of epic gaming!
    For food I have to say a delicious pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream(preferably cookie dough) or a big bag of Doritos of any flavour!

    If I watch some gamers online I am really jealous of the snacks they have in America. It is very rare to find some root beer, Mountain Dew or other delicious treats they have and not here in Belgium!
  8. rossman4

    rossman4 New Member

    The best snack is something that isnt sticky...I have to go with Cheez its too!! Could eaily eat a whole bag in a session.
  9. Kaimei

    Kaimei New Member

    It used to be Monster and Doritos !! Now i try to eat healthy and keep my station clean.. no eating and gaming at the same time !!!
  10. Inkripto

    Inkripto New Member

    Any snacks that I can easy eat without getting my hands too dirty.
  11. yeungvictor

    yeungvictor New Member

    Usually eat different types of chips such as cheez it and hot cheetos and on a good day i might have some ice cream because why not hahaa.
  12. frankborba

    frankborba New Member

    those welcher fruit snack things
  13. vaibhavsoni22

    vaibhavsoni22 New Member

    Chesters and Heineken
  14. tenzel

    tenzel New Member

    Doritos Spicy Nacho and Mountain Dew
  15. rootdir

    rootdir New Member

    Gummy-anything usually. Although OP's call on Goldfish is solid because no residue. Cheese-It's for that same reason too. I usually drink vodka or gin when I game too.
  16. Dsdude

    Dsdude New Member

    Water and honey wheat pretzels
  17. EODeuce

    EODeuce Active Member

    Just Monster for me. I don't usually snack while playing.
  18. Violetbookthink279

    Violetbookthink279 New Member

    Used to chug code red mountain dew while doing pvps on WoW. Too bad its hard to find one anymore.
  19. GPittard

    GPittard New Member

    I just drink a fair bit of Monster Energy (Original) and eat some pringles haha
  20. mango650

    mango650 New Member

    Habanero BBQ Almonds all the way!
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