Favorite League Champion and Skin?

Discussion in 'League of Legends Talk' started by Gyious, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. Tr1ckyPlayz

    Tr1ckyPlayz Member

    fav champion : Master Yi (Jungle) and Sion (Top)
    Fav skin : i hate skins :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  2. ohdavee

    ohdavee Member

    Project fiora looks awesome... all project look awesome lol
  3. Ezreal Puslfire of course!
  4. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    Fav Champ: Kha'Zix
    Fav skin: Omega Squad Teemo :D
  5. planefreshDodgerBlue301

    planefreshDodgerBlue301 Active Member

    fizz. eternum nocturne
  6. darkraygun333

    darkraygun333 New Member

    Omega Squad Teemo
  7. Best skins for me is Project: Zed, and Project: Yi, I like robots. And my favourite champions combined with robots means I love them. Zed's Ulti is like super cool, and Yi's ascended form is nice too.
  8. Edown

    Edown Member

    My favorite champ is Azir, and my favorite skin is Cosmic Reaver Kassadin.
  9. yuanglai

    yuanglai Member

    firecracker jinx :D
  10. DarkoR12

    DarkoR12 Member

    Aatrox with the classic skin :smiling_imp:
  11. Bas.Jack

    Bas.Jack Member

    Draven in hi Primetime Draven skin, even though also beast hunter looks nice.
  12. DangerNeko

    DangerNeko New Member

    Favourite Champion: Shen
    Favourite Skin: Project Ashe
  13. DoubleEdgeBlades

    DoubleEdgeBlades New Member

    Teemo because its fun to troll
  14. suhkruissi

    suhkruissi New Member

    I like alistar a lot super fun to play in any lane
  15. Fungi1880

    Fungi1880 Member

    Omega Squad Teemo, he's a monster :heart:
  16. phpwun

    phpwun New Member

    Ahri, Arcade. Looks cute.
  17. bloodlord vlad>all
  18. Khanger16

    Khanger16 New Member

    I love me some Hecarim! :) Blood Knight is my favorite skin, but the Elderwood one looks nice too :)
  19. Ayaku

    Ayaku Member

    Omg i really really love champ riven! no matter how many times i use it i just cant get rid of how good and pretty it is to kill somebody! :D
  20. mljinx

    mljinx Member

    classic jinx and also blood moon elise
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