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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by FeroBu, Mar 9, 2021.

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  1. FeroBu

    FeroBu New Member

    I've been watching movies for a while now and I think I'm getting out movies now.
    I've watched so many movies like Transformers, Fast and The Furious, All Marvel Avengers Movies and so many other movies but recently I'm running out of movies and I don't now what to watch next.
    Any good movies or tv series?
  2. Mauveheatbiz304

    Mauveheatbiz304 New Member

    Yes peaky Blinders is good for you.
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  3. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Chernobyl, Mr. Robot both great TV series.
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  4. androidvixen

    androidvixen New Member

    Altered Carbon, a series from Netflix based on a dystopian sci-fi book of the same name. There are great fight scenes if you're into action.
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  5. TekoTeko37

    TekoTeko37 New Member

    I loved watching Altered Carbon, I thought the concept was awesome. I have been loving all the Marvel content that has been put out. WandaVision exceeded my expectations and I'm super excited for Falcon and Winter Soldier!
  6. karate_kid8833

    karate_kid8833 New Member

    WANDA VISION and agent carter would be my picks for marvel, but for other shows, I would say I wanted to watch superman and superman and Louis. people have also said the game of thrones is good. (you probably have already watched it though) and you may like Lupin on Netflix if you don't mind an English voice-over bc it is in french.

    Edit: Also wanted to see The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
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  7. bookish.elf

    bookish.elf New Member

    The TV series I'm currently watching right now is Homeland. The actors are good and the story is pretty intense.

    Chernobyl, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, How to Get Away with Murder, Knives Out were also good as well.
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  8. RebelBeauty

    RebelBeauty New Member

    Currently I'm watching the "New Amsterdam" series on Netflix. I've watched The Expanse, The Witcher, The Old Guard, Kingdom (Korean series but with English voice-over and sub). You might want to check on those movies/series and see if you like it.
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  9. CeruleanVale

    CeruleanVale New Member

    Still hopping on Kingdom Series, to be honest they can create a new type of game basing on this series. Resident Evil, The Originals, Arthdal Chronicles and a lot more.
  10. Wickedfairy29

    Wickedfairy29 New Member

    I've been a fan of Korean movies/series and currently I'm watching Sisyphus: The Myth , a Korean series in Netflix where a time travel story between a genius engineer and his savior from the future.
  11. I.Nix

    I.Nix Well-Known Member

    i really enjoy classic movies, why not give it a try. they usually have good acting and stories. as for tv shows im gonna start watching wanda/vision
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  12. InuToshi

    InuToshi New Member

    I'm done watching a couple of TV series and currently, I'm watching The Last Kingdom, Season 4. I'm excited for Season 5 to be released the soonest time.
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  13. Biluro

    Biluro New Member

    I really liked Chernobyl, very well made show. Story is horrible
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  14. bookish.elf

    bookish.elf New Member

    Yeah, I agree. Chernobyl is a very good TV series. It's a bit depressing though. What happened to the place and the people there is horrible.
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  15. OasisAdair

    OasisAdair New Member

    Because of the pandemic, i got hyped watching medical-fiction series like The Good Doctor. The medical terminologies are mind boggling but interesting. I salute all the medical frontliners! :smile_:
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  16. Savage_Scream911

    Savage_Scream911 New Member

    I'm done with the "Breaking Bad" TV series and I'm thinking to watch "The 100". Have a wonderful day eveyone! :wink_:
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  17. Wickedfairy29

    Wickedfairy29 New Member

    Yeah me too! When it comes to movies specially during your work day off Netflix is the best choice for streaming. Also, aside from its easy to use it also lack of commercials and original content.
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  18. aeroCaprisystem896

    aeroCaprisystem896 New Member

    Money Heist , justice leauge , godzilla vs kong
  19. SnoopWicked

    SnoopWicked New Member

    I've recently binged Hannibal (2013-2015), it's a cool crime/horror show :D
  20. jack_65

    jack_65 New Member

    Breaking Bad is one of the best tv series I have ever seen.
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