Favorite Support Champion?

Discussion in 'League of Legends Talk' started by Actually, Jul 7, 2017.

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  1. Actually_Gaming

    Actually_Gaming New Member

    What is your favorite support champion? Comment and share!
  2. Mizza_Party

    Mizza_Party Member

    I play Blitzcrank and Bard as 'supports'. Also know as ''Trollcrank'' or ''Burd'' on my own terms, this is cause when I play support I barely 'support'. It's boring as all heck! But it feels good to save people or hit that hook.

    But Pizzer how aren't you a support? To be a support all you have to do is give kills! You're probably saying to yourself, well... I don't build support, I know so trolly I'm not THAT bad so I wouldn't actually be a troller.
    Not gonna be some ADC's bitch! (in the literal dog sense cause dogs are pets, I know bad analogy).

    Here's the builds if you're intrestino:

    Trollcrank: Lich bane, Archangels staff (Seraph's embrace), Magic bootsies, Luden's echo and Death cap!
    The last item should be adjusted to the enemy team accordingly (armor, MR etc.) for such items I suggest; Zhonya's or Banshee's veil.

    Burd: Statik shiv, Rapid firecannon, Infinity edge, Fast attack bootsies, Essence reaver and Runaan's hurricane.
    Here you don't buy a last item to adjust yourself to the enemy team accordingly, instead you just kill stuff and try not to el die.
    If you're building the build, build them in the same order I wrote the items.

    ^^^^ Basically full AP and full crit ^^^^​
    Now please, have a great day.
    Note: If you're ever thinking of going this you don't have to follow my build 100%. It's items from personal experience and from builds on MOBA fire. Yee.
  3. Rendaz

    Rendaz New Member

    TARIC! Just look at his chest...
  4. WhiteRicee

    WhiteRicee New Member

    lulu main, one of the most versatile champs and tanky as heck
  5. ZerefTBW

    ZerefTBW New Member

    Sona ftw...but I prefer full AP supp Sona...so even though you are support, you can still oneshot most of the enemy players...of course that that makes you very squishy and adc like Draven can delete you...but it's fun...played thousands of games on her and still love her :D
  6. SirShady

    SirShady New Member

    Imo the most fun supports to play are Bard and Thresh cuz they are difficult Champions and i find these types of Champs more enjoyable
  7. Loyfe_

    Loyfe_ New Member

    Probably Blitzcrank because he's so useful.
  8. Ghost371

    Ghost371 New Member

    Main support Veigar :D
  9. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    Support main here.
    Usually play Bard or Braum.

    Braum if I kinda want to win, Bard if I feel... derpy (of course, team comp aside).

    I really really dislike supports that aren't supports (stealing CS, not even building sightstone, etc.). Sure, it may be a boring role, but this role is key to a great team foundation. If you aren't comfortable with your work indirectly helping the team, support generally isn't the role for you.
  10. Jarod_B

    Jarod_B New Member

    I love playing as Janna, her abilities are pretty cool and can be very useful in team fights or just plain lane fights
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