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Favourite thing to drink while you game?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Cowterpie, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. tinyavocado

    tinyavocado New Member

    everyday i down at least like 4 litres of water at the desk lol
  2. Any choice beer is a good game time drink
  3. gamp911

    gamp911 New Member

  4. Darkthefox

    Darkthefox New Member

    Mountain Dew, Monster, Tea, Powerade, and occasionally Kool-aid.
  5. iMaiz

    iMaiz New Member

    arizona or any iced tea
  6. NortonCdJ

    NortonCdJ Member

    I like drinking milk while playing games xD probably I'm the only one who enjoys milk THAT much
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  7. grinOn2wheels

    grinOn2wheels New Member

    Water usually. Done caffeine if I need to stay up way late.
  8. Martindibs

    Martindibs New Member

    Just a beer :3
  9. popbobtai

    popbobtai Member

    I try to drink water, but I also drink Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Tea, Limonade, Brisk Tea, and some other stuff. Got a large variety.
  10. rubbachkn

    rubbachkn New Member

    I usually stick to water. I keep two or three 1 liter bottles on my desk. Yeah, I pee a lot... ;)
  11. I'm going with an espresso. It's a fast way to get juiced up for a night of gaming!
  12. 6132015

    6132015 New Member

    Root Beer! I'm under age. ):
  13. Riceman1234

    Riceman1234 New Member

    Monster is defiantly the way to go! but soda also works
  14. AcedGod

    AcedGod New Member


    jk Mountain Dew all the way.
  15. LummoxOcara

    LummoxOcara New Member

    Water and soda.
  16. Enforcer_X

    Enforcer_X New Member

  17. aphyrex

    aphyrex New Member

    Anything Deschutes. Inversion IPA or their Black Butte Porter
  18. intertweb

    intertweb New Member

    Pepsi, water or Mountain Dew ;3
  19. jeezwiz

    jeezwiz New Member

    Honestly my go to beverage is a cold coke, but I'm trying to change that to water. My god it's hard.
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