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Discussion in 'Systems' started by SirTigger, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. SirTigger

    SirTigger New Member

    Hi Razer

    I love my Blades 15" but I have 4 feature requests... Can we please get:

    1. A Chroma Razer logo on the lid.
    2. Underglow lighting - This would be cool especially when I'm stuck in meetings at work
    2. Get a finger print scanner added. I'm not a big fan of Facial Recognition
    3. External Power button. With the new Thunderbolt Doc can we get an external power button to be able to turn on the laptop in closed lid mode.

    I'd consider updating to a 17" blade if you'd fix the battery situation. Can you up the battery to at least match the 15" at 90Wh or go beyond it to match the size of the laptop. Also add the features above. This would be very cool.

    Please consider my feature requests. In the mean time I'll wait for my pre-ordered 4k 15" Blade in 2 weeks

    Many thanks...


    Not going to list my long list of Razer products as I realized I had reached peek chroma the other day with 9 devices in Synapse and my USB system turning a little unstable
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