Few Photos from Razer's CES Booth

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by therealimp, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. sirenezreal

    sirenezreal New Member

    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to share the very few photos I took at Razer's booth. Just wanted to say how amazing it was actually being surrounded by Razer gear, and also having helpful staff answering any questions I had. Even got a free Razer souvenir bag, too! Can't wait to see what Razer has to offer in 2015. I know the company is taking a really positive step with having the OSVR, as well as have developers join in on the app development for the Nabu.
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  2. those look cool i wish i could have been there.. :-(
  3. howzor

    howzor New Member

  4. sirenezreal

    sirenezreal New Member

    It really was amazing! Just a bunch of Razer Chroma keyboards everywhere with PCs/consoles set up with different games running. Also learned about the Nabu X there, since it was on display.
  5. pmoradi2002

    pmoradi2002 New Member

    Wish i could of made it this year! Wanted to check out the Nabu X :slightly_sad:
  6. ShNWty

    ShNWty New Member

    I found myself on your picture ahah , Razer booth was in fact pretty
  7. rixter145

    rixter145 New Member

    Man I wish I was there
  8. cold_drinks

    cold_drinks New Member

    Maybe next year for me. Nice pictures too...
  9. Was at CES didn't know Razor had a booth :/
  10. campHalayauto389

    campHalayauto389 New Member

    looks cool I really like the living room mouse and keyboard.,
  11. BVAhAVoK

    BVAhAVoK New Member

    look sweet and wicked as always,Razer!!
  12. domefirstBronze743

    domefirstBronze743 New Member

    Wish I was there! I bought a Razer Switch keychain that they were giving away, can't wait for it to come!
  13. Metacomet10

    Metacomet10 Member

    Do you think that Razer started to develop OSVR because of the Facebook - Oculous deal? It was such a promising Kickstarter campaign. Feel free to reply with your opinion
  14. rorion928

    rorion928 New Member

    Very cool
  15. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

    looks sweet, at this moment i really wish i did not live in Europe
  16. tinyavocado

    tinyavocado New Member

    razer has the best looking booth!
  17. Martyyy

    Martyyy New Member

    The booth looks really well done :). Hope you had fun at CES
  18. Spector1

    Spector1 New Member

  19. placebyteCyan078

    placebyteCyan078 New Member

    Nice photos!
  20. NewPatrol

    NewPatrol New Member

    They always kill it when it comes to design. Looks just like their products. awesome.
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