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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by CalamityXI, Nov 18, 2014.

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  1. Chroma or not, getting the 2014 will never make you regret it.
  2. Nick0602

    Nick0602 New Member

  3. I play on Leviathan
  4. Aaliya

    Aaliya Member

    I played it pretty regularly until school enveloped all my free time! I had a few 50's on the goblin server. Thinking about it makes me wanna start playing again though...
  5. Kaiserwolf

    Kaiserwolf New Member

    i'm currently playing on moogle, looking forward heavensward and the tomorrow patch, i'm so excited for the expansion and the new jobs :D if someone wants to add me i'm kaiser wolf!
  6. Letter13

    Letter13 Member

    I used to play. Stopped a few months ago. I'll probably pick it up again a bit before the new expansion drops to make a new character and get used to it again. I'll probably be on Gilgamesh.
  7. I just started playing about a month ago after I got bored of WoW, and just hit 50 WHM a few days ago. Loving this game so far and I'm on Gilgamesh.
  8. KirakunAUS

    KirakunAUS New Member

    Agreed :)
  9. frostykilz

    frostykilz New Member

    I only just started this and finished my free trial with a level 10 gladiator need to add some people to play with as iv done no group fights yet and i bet party plays are way better than on you own right?
  10. The whole game and endgame-raid system is based on "party play" and coordination among its members, so yeah.
    The end-game is actually quite intriguing on that aspect, at some point you might want to have a static party for the hardest challenges.
  11. Letter13

    Letter13 Member

    Well that settles it. Just renewed my subscription to FF14. I have a level 50 Scholar, though contemplating whether to keep working at him or try dabbling with a new class or two.

    Server: Gilgamesh
    Name: Rai'on Helion (I may make another character though, so best way to contact me would probably be here).

    So if anyone's on Gilgamesh and wants someone to engage in jolly co-operation with, send a message my way!
  12. hmoth84

    hmoth84 New Member

    I was making progress on my backlog until a friend convinced me (and a bunch of other people in our gaming group) to check out FFXIV's free trial. I immediately signed up for 90 days and haven't looked back :D

    Must say, after Final Fantasy XI, I was sure to never play another FF MMO. Especially after pre-Realm Reborn FFXIV reviews. Any doubts I've had are now gone! You'll find me on Adamantoise (Isildaure Garamond).
  13. Chooched

    Chooched New Member

    I played FFXIV when it was first released then "re-released" as "A Realm Reborn". The first iteration was horrid and it's no wonder they scrapped the game.
    FFXIV: ARR is an absolutely gem of a game. I've also been playing WoW since early Vanilla Beta, so it's hard to pry myself away from that. I ended up stopping FFXIV when most of the people I enjoyed playing with stopped playing themselves. However I really do miss the game.
    Also, there's a big expansion or content patch (whatever you want to call it) coming out soon. Not exactly sure what it releases but I know it's coming and I've thought seriously about going back!
  14. hmoth84

    hmoth84 New Member

    Now's a great time to get back in! Such a streamlined MMO, it's easy to pick up and play if you've already invested time into it. Also, the Gold Saucer is making it's way to FFXIV. Chocobo racing, anyone? :)
  15. Chooched

    Chooched New Member

    Re-installing it now!
  16. Have a good one.

    Gilgamesh has a rather nice and various playerbase I'm told, Ultros is more hardcore-fashioned, Balmung is highly RP-based.

    You shouldn't have problems picking, althou playing with Insiders (aside from @Lisete ) might be a bit harder than expected, server-wise.
  17. Letter13

    Letter13 Member

    When I first started playing I actually made a character on Balmung. But when a friend of mine started on Gilgamesh I switched over to that server.

    I just wish the server transfer cost wasn't so high though, and that players got like, 1 free transfer per year or something.
  18. Keiishi

    Keiishi New Member

    I just got back to FFIV a week ago or so, this being my second attempt i knew what to expect, but the game always feels kind of slow... still it's pretty damn enjoyable when playing with friends, so ill probably keep playing for a while.

    The upcoming expansion better bring some more interesting classes along, i miss the old classes from FFXI :D
  19. Licoricerushside697

    Licoricerushside697 New Member

    Never got into FF but I would like to at some point
  20. SirJarren

    SirJarren Active Member

    Retired from FFXIV right before patch 2.1 came out. At the time, the FC we were in couldn't even field a team of 8 to dispatch Titan HM despite having more than enough people adequately geared for it. I was a pretty well geared tank, and you only needed ONE for it.

    Never did get my relic.
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