Finally got the 8.0 update after many razer support conversations!

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by JayTee3, Sep 13, 2018.

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  1. JayTee3

    JayTee3 New Member

    Was walking the dogs and got this to pop up on my phone

    Finally, while ya'll just got 8.1.0, it seems I just got 8.0.

    Very late since its now september and it was released to US about feb/march but, better late then never.

    I had talked to like 4-5 support people who only 2 came with solutions which were
    A) Factory reset it (??)
    B) Return the phone (again ??)
    C) An actual good response of trying to use a VPN incase my carrier was blocking it or use data instead of wifi to check etc. Still nothing

    But seems it randomly popped up

    Did anyone else in Australia (or Oceania) just receive this update? Since it wasn't released in Australia at all and I'm not sure if they just solved my case or actually released it to Aus.

  2. JayTee3

    JayTee3 New Member

    Just updated.

    Its 8.1.0 as well. Sick.
  3. coreykill

    coreykill New Member

    what security patch you have?
  4. JayTee3

    JayTee3 New Member

    5th July 2018
  5. coreykill

    coreykill New Member

    oh good. then you also have the 8.1 MR2 that was released yesterday.
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