First Mechanical Keyboard, Can't Decide on Switches

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by SpaceCowboy2071, Apr 19, 2017.


What mechanical switches do you prefer for gaming and typing?

  1. Orange

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  2. Yellow

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  1. retroMaroonfast410

    retroMaroonfast410 New Member


    I'm looking to purchase my first mechanical keyboard, and the new Black Widow v2 is looking quite good. However, I'm torn between what switches to get! It's down to either the Orange or Yellow.

    Orange sound good for their tactile feedback while typing and being generally silent. However, I've read that the tactile bump can be a hinderance for fast action games, especially where you need to double tap.

    Yellow is good for it's linear approach, which should be good for double taps and fast action games. However, I'm concerned over the low actuation point of 1.2mm and having general issues while typing.

    I'm really just a casual gamer, playing games that include Witcher 3, Skyrim, Guild Wars 2, Doom, Diablo 3, etc. Pretty much action RPGs and FPS games. I would say I use my computer for 70% gaming and 30% everything else (including programming).

    Any advice / opinions / experiences appreciated! Thanks!
  2. WolfK.

    WolfK. Active Member

    I have greens and they are really nice for typing and gaming also, but for my next blackwidow i think i will try to switch to yellows :D
  3. .iveL

    .iveL New Member

    I would prefer the Yellows :) Though I personally haven't tested them...

    At the end of the day its very much personal preference. I've experienced Linear (cherry reds), Oranges and Greens... and at the end, I would return back to linear keys, hence yellows.

    I play a lot of FPS and feel that the 1.2mm actuation point wouldn't be an issue for me when typing.

    You will be happy with either! But it will be yellows for me :)
  4. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    I use the BlackWidow Chroma Stealth Edition which are Orange keys, I don't seem to have an issue with double tapping the same key, I do it really often on CSGO and the sound of the clicks aren't bad and I personally love it ;o
  5. LiquidGalaxy

    LiquidGalaxy New Member

    Would love to get the yellows however Razer seem to be enjoying testing a lot of peoples patience here in the UK by not releasing said keyboard in the UK layout. At this rate I'll likely be purchasing a Corsair keyboard with Cherry speed keys
  6. ItsHerobrine

    ItsHerobrine Active Member

    If you're going to do any sort of typing, hands down get the orange switches. I have a keyboard with Cherry speeds and I make countless typing mistakes and it's really annoying. I usually hop onto my brother's computer and use his BWX, even though I hate Cherry blues/razer greens, but I make little to no mistakes when typing documents and essays for school. Don't let the low actuation marketing get to you. Cherry browns/Razer Oranges are the "safest" switch to have. If you are still unsure, I would pick up one of these switch testers -
  7. tuananhdono

    tuananhdono New Member

    If you typing a lot, I recommend you get a Cherry blue mx switch/ green Razer switch.
  8. I have the blackwidow ultimate stealth 2016.. the tactile bump if anything HELPS with double taps due to the rebound and resistance on key press not go against it xD
  9. the green/blues are almost the same to the orange/brown but there is just no clicks and a slightly lower actuation point
  10. SodiumMachine

    SodiumMachine Active Member

    Orange all the way dood
  11. retroMaroonfast410

    retroMaroonfast410 New Member

    Thanks all for your replies! Happy to read more opinions if they're out there.

    Sounds like Razer Orange switches are the way forward for me, especially considering that Yellows don't come in a UK layout yet. I may be American, but living in the UK I've gotten accustomed to UK keyboards for better/worse!

    As long as I can play FPS games and double-tap without hassle, then Oranges sound good.
  12. MissSwaggy

    MissSwaggy Active Member

    If you like mechanical keyboards with that clicky effect, blue or green switches is really nice too.
  13. Green Razer Switch
  14. ItsHerobrine

    ItsHerobrine Active Member

    I'm pretty sure he doesn't want greens....
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