#FreeYourMind - CES 2015

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 2, 2015.

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  1. AltoSax

    AltoSax Member

    I predict more chroma products as well as a knew headset and more game directed re-products.
  2. RkLJackets

    RkLJackets New Member

    Razer Makes Their Own Game!
    Only me?
    Well I can still dream.
    Even though I have no idea what the game would be about.
  3. ChacinaMauL

    ChacinaMauL New Member

    This event is amazing, it's a shame that i will not be there :slightly_sad:
  4. FreshG

    FreshG New Member

    Maybe this is something new about project Christine? Because you built it for the gamers who don't want to think about new hardware and focus on the games and fun. Thats a point where #FreeYourMind would fit.
  5. Clement34

    Clement34 New Member

    Combination of VR gears and neurological control/feedback devices. The beginning of mind control gaming ERA. This is my dream, i will pursue this till the end of my life. If not, i hope we will have a new concept of cross world gaming stuff like the one in "Expelled of Paradise", where people can travel from one game to another(The closest one i think might be G-mod, where you can mix any game stuff in it) .
  6. Really hope its for a wireless bluetooth headset or headphones. I really want wireless Hammerhead Pros!!
  7. PrinceCire

    PrinceCire New Member

    I guess there will be more new awesome projects like the Project Christine and the one before it?
  8. Muminovy

    Muminovy New Member

    I guess it will be connected with VR, like Oculus, but cranked up, maybe it will correspond to our emotions and state of mind, as the main slogan says.
  9. ImprezowyKotek

    ImprezowyKotek New Member

    I think it may be new gear connected with 3D experience or Virtual Reality. Obviously can't wait to know what it is!
  10. Viciousone

    Viciousone New Member

    I am really hopeful that this will be something to do with eye activity or an actual brain activity monitor like what Sword Art Online had...VR would break the internet!
  11. TigerStripedDragon

    TigerStripedDragon Active Member

    I'm gonna go all out and say they're making a full fledged Battle Station that includes:
    -Racing wheel
    -Flight sim controls
    -Extra space for other peripherals
    (maybe a modular design where you can pick the components you want?)
    along with a VR headset or at least wireless surround sound headset for a complete experience.
    If not, then they better get working on it :D #FreeYourMind
  12. SiegeCannon

    SiegeCannon New Member

    Razer Monitor would be sweet...
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  13. Vestieri

    Vestieri Active Member

    For some reason, I have the idea that 'free your mind' refers to a razer version of an oculus rift. Many people (according to previous threads) were asking for a Razer Monitor, what would be better to bring a virtual reality monitor?
  14. Vasyll

    Vasyll New Member

    I love your gear. I used it few times cuz friends got some of it and it was perfect. Sadly i can't efford any of these.
  15. guessing an amazing new 14 inch blade that has better cooling and gtx 900 series graphics, maybe even an external graphics amp!?
  16. tkluan

    tkluan New Member

    Is PROJECT CHRISTINE, Talon and Eidolon Comming this year? OMG, i can belive in this, No matter the price, project christine and Talon gonna be my Favorite Razer acessorie... Can you imagine your life after these amazing projects? I can't and You?
  17. Hempthusiast

    Hempthusiast New Member

    More things for gamer, by more gamers and awesome services all year long!
  18. FrostyGunman

    FrostyGunman Active Member

    I'm hoping for a Razer Monitor or a Razer Surround Sound Speaker set. This way you can build a full Razer set-up!
  19. jdbogaard

    jdbogaard Member

    I would like to see

    - More on Project Christine. Maybe a prototype to get manufacturers interested
    - Razer Monitors, 23/27 (16:9) or 24/28 (16x10) QHD or higher resolution, at least one version with Gsync
    - more Chroma products. I'd like to see the Orochi, the Mamba, the Ouroburos, and the keypads all get chroma.
    - A version of the keypads with a trackball mouse for the thumb.
    - Blade and blade pro with mechanical keyboards (chroma of course), and with Thunderbolt. The thunderbolt would facilitate some awesome docks and it would be great if Razer would make a PCIe dock to allow external graphics cards. Even without a PCIe dock by Razer I wouldn't mind having thunderbolt to allow for daisy chaining and cleaning up my desk some.
    - wireless versions of black widow?
    - new controllers for next generation of consoles, (ps4, Xbox one, and one for new SSB for wii U) preferably an Xbox one controller that is PC compatible
    - make your own design Razer mouse pads. Upload a cool image and have Razer print it on a Goliathus or Kabuto or other compatible mousepad
    - a larger Kabuto would be nice for those of us with 14-17 inch laptops
    - a new Razer case, preferably a mini or micro case, something discrete for us gamers who have spouses that hate giant towers
    - orbweaver and Tartarus for lefties (that is to be used by the right hand) because looking at the pictures it doesn't look like these are ambidextrous.

    That's all I can think of for now....
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  20. Anerso

    Anerso Member

    Virtual Reality Gear by Razer!
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