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#FreeYourMind with OSVR

Discussion in 'OSVR Discussions' started by technokat, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. Emexrulsier

    Emexrulsier Member

    I have been dying for proper VR since my virtual boy lol. I follow occulus rift I just want it now. I also want someone to invent some VR gloves which can prohibit hand movements to mimic the holding of virtual items would be pretty damn cool
  2. TheXNinja101

    TheXNinja101 New Member

    They did a perfect job on having this product/device available on open source platforms; it'll make the world of gaming truly that more AWESOME!!!
  3. badhacker

    badhacker New Member

    How does this compare to Oculus? Price, specs, etc.?
  4. anyone tested this out yet ? dying to see e review vs the oculus and other VR headsets. prob take forever before this hit my country :slightly_sad:
  5. zTeoHD

    zTeoHD New Member

  6. dignitasKarma

    dignitasKarma New Member

    This will be so hype for horror games!
  7. Sosen

    Sosen New Member

  8. Rahxephon171

    Rahxephon171 New Member

    Magic 2015?
  9. c7i7n7

    c7i7n7 New Member

    I might get this over the rift. The open source is very appealing.
  10. aliengooey

    aliengooey New Member

    This looks like it has great potential
  11. Rhizal

    Rhizal New Member

    Looks interesting!
  12. lostandbound

    lostandbound New Member

    I am not sure I will really get into VR as its just another thing to travel with, but being open source I am extremely interested in this project. I pulled up the plans and everything right after I saw it at CES I would love to see more support for this project in the future I think that it will offer a great alternative to the Oculus Rift.
  13. couchstyle

    couchstyle Active Member

    seems like a great concept, but could prove to become disorienting after you remove it. I wonder if we can modify it to let natural light through but not cause any reflection to the monitor. Similar to a double way mirror.
  14. Foaser

    Foaser Active Member

    Vr glasses have been around for a while and this hasn't really been an issue. Do you have that problem? and is it really because of the lighting issue?
  16. AndreRazer

    AndreRazer New Member

    Very nice! Can't wait to try it!
  17. tzukasa

    tzukasa New Member

    is there a easy way to port a game to this VR?
    or we need to bash some code in it?
  18. Angryshadow

    Angryshadow New Member

    Very excited to see where this gose in the next few years!
  19. Gwcheney1130

    Gwcheney1130 Active Member

    This has a ton of promise... Really looking forward to seeing what the community does with this!!!!
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