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#FreeYourMind with OSVR

Discussion in 'OSVR Discussions' started by technokat, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. IceHusky1337

    IceHusky1337 New Member

    I'm glad that an open standard is being developed for VR. Technologies can be put aside by developers (including me) if you have so many things to build toward and if everything is so different that it requires way too much time and effort building for compatibility. This should make VR development a lot nicer, especially since its open source.
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  2. I am very excited. What is best game everyone want to play on osvr?
  3. Retulator

    Retulator New Member

    i need this!
  4. Hibson

    Hibson Member

    When might a public kit be available for purchase? I tried the Rift and loved it :)
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