#FreeYourMind with OSVR

Discussion in 'OSVR Discussions' started by technokat, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. telis11

    telis11 New Member

    Very cool project
  2. telis11

    telis11 New Member

    I can't wait for the sdk
  3. Looking forward to try this.hahahah!
  4. DirtyDane

    DirtyDane New Member

    i cant wait to see this go out since ive been looking at vr for a while so this could just be my entry product depending on its price
  5. Ajw1297

    Ajw1297 New Member

    This looks amazing, can't wait to get my hands on one!
  6. ClandestineFox

    ClandestineFox New Member

    This may make me want to try out VR. While its not perfect I don't expect it to be. I look at this time as a developing stage and just trying it out I might be able to give some good feedback
  7. kimkim23

    kimkim23 New Member

    if it works with my spec i would get one haha..
  8. UnfrozenJon

    UnfrozenJon New Member

    Ok I might seriously buy a dev kit for this. I was waiting on Occulus Rift for the final version but this dev kit looks good already, and is cheap-ish.
  9. SchizoLynxyy

    SchizoLynxyy New Member

    Seems like more and more VR products are releasing sooner than expected. Next thing ya know we'll all be playing an exact version of SAO
  10. llBxChaosll

    llBxChaosll New Member

    I'll have to admit I wasn't very sold on VR but then I saw the anime, SAO which is basically all about virtual reality and I'm excited to see how far this goes and the crazy games that will come from it.
  11. ItsBagelTime

    ItsBagelTime New Member

    Anyone know the price range on this? Just out of curiosity. Looking into some VR sets to buy in the future.
  12. carter5

    carter5 New Member

  13. SchizoLynxyy

    SchizoLynxyy New Member

    Is this also going to be compatible with the Virtuix Omni? If it is then that would make developing much much better.
  14. wondering how well this will be picked up and fare against Oculus. Very competitive environment but looks very prommising.
  15. Illgiveitya

    Illgiveitya New Member

    Definitely want to put this on my wish list. Always been quite the fan of VR
  16. SevenD2

    SevenD2 New Member

    Looks really cool, though I hope you can wear glasses with them! My glasses usually stick out on the sides so if these are curved then my glasses would get in the way :<.
  17. kreAtoRRRRRR

    kreAtoRRRRRR New Member

    Never tried VR (lack of money) but I wish I can have OSVR :) cool.
  18. boweb2190

    boweb2190 New Member

    looks really cool. wonder how much is it going to be?
  19. iMatty

    iMatty New Member

    Hopefully this will fit the larger 6" phones.
  20. kapbam

    kapbam New Member

    I love the open source approach. The screen will need an upgrade to make great VR, but I think the nature of this project is a very good direction for VR!
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