Fun Co-Op PC Games

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by CreeperKrieger, Dec 3, 2014.

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  1. CobraDirector

    CobraDirector Member

    Path of Exile.
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  2. Razer|Captain_xf_rzr

    Razer|Captain_xf_rzr Active Member Staff Member

    World of Warcraft would have to be my top co-op game for PC.

    Oh, wait... does that count?

    For real though, some of the most fun game's I've played co-op on PC have been:
    Battleblock Theater, Trine, Monaco, Bro-Force, Dead Island, Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead 2, PAYDAY 2, All the Borderlands, ARMA 3, DayZ, Saints Row 3 and 4, Neverwinter Nights 2, Divinity Original Sin.....

    I could keep going, but I would really recommend any of these games for you and your buddies if you see them pop up during the next sale.
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  3. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Until you posted this I had completely forgotten about Neverwinter Nights 2 - that was a fantastic co-op game. @sirjarren and I played that for a long time together. I especially like games that can be played over LAN together. :)
  4. Stimz

    Stimz New Member

    Oh God, I remember playing Never winter nights 2 Constantly after school, My uncle was a rogue, and would steal peoples weapons, Then we'd make them pay to get them back....we where not the nicest people I guess...
  5. TheOnlyJuanHere

    TheOnlyJuanHere New Member

    There's a lot of fun co-op pc games:
    Depth - Play as a shark or a diver in a dark aquatic world and overcome your enemies by employing cunning, teamwork, and stealth.
    Garry's Mod - So many game modes like prop hunt, trouble in terrorists town, hide & seek, cops & runners, and many more.
    PayDay 2 - why not do criminal activity with your friends
    Monopoly - If you like board games
  6. Portal, Left 4 Dead 2, PayDay 2, and Borderlands. There's probably a lot more fun co-op games out there, those were just the ones from the top of my head.
  7. Badnewsblair

    Badnewsblair Member

    I have and really want to try out Payday 2, but I came here to second (or third) Awesomenauts!
  8. rashdanlong

    rashdanlong Active Member

    You guys should really try out Portal 2, its fun. The coop mode is for 2 people only tho :)
  9. YaMaLoong

    YaMaLoong New Member

    L4D! Running for life with your buddies.
  10. alexhooi

    alexhooi New Member

    considering some light hearted games, Plant vs Zombie Garden Warfare! stress free~~
  11. Diablo 3, Gotta admit I still love the sound of a lege dropping.
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  12. Voluntold

    Voluntold New Member

    Divinity: Original Sin
  13. kiddykids22

    kiddykids22 New Member

    Team Fortress 2!! Local co-op with your buddies against the machines is awesome. And also Borderlands 2.
  14. rosenbmr

    rosenbmr New Member

    The Payday franchise takes the cake from me as best co-op games. I have to ask if anyone has played Depth? Game looked kinda like Payday but underwater and with sharks. Curious if it's anywhere near as good as Payday
  15. L4D for sure or killing floor
  16. caradactyl

    caradactyl New Member

    i'm hoping Plague Inc: Evolved co-op will be a good time. Portal 2 is my all-time favorite in this category, followed by Sim City.
  17. Tofu720

    Tofu720 New Member

    I found saints row the third and IV to be one of the most fun co-op games I've played. Non-stop stupid stunts and shenanigans. Borderlands was another favorite of mines. Other games I enjoyed included payday, L4D2, and portal 1/2.
  18. Shantaram

    Shantaram New Member

    As for me - great close to co-op games in eve online (fleets), and WoT/WoWs with divisons to play with company :D
  19. VinXern

    VinXern New Member

    Borderlands 2, left 4 dead 2, payday2
  20. sainix

    sainix Member

    L4D2 is always a lot of fun to play
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