Fun Co-Op PC Games

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by CreeperKrieger, Dec 3, 2014.

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  1. DarkDragon89

    DarkDragon89 New Member

    I really like dungeon defenders, easy to play with friends overseas since they have studying abroad and its easier to play less graphic intensive games.
  2. hmoth84

    hmoth84 New Member

    For shooters, gotta go with Borderlands 2 and many hours spent with friends!
  3. DudeEatAKiwi

    DudeEatAKiwi New Member

    I still like playing diablo 3 whenever a patch comes out. I like greater rifting (rank 288 eu wizard solo) and doing bounties and grinding my ancient gear. I have a few friends who play the game and playing together is awesome
  4. Masquerpet

    Masquerpet New Member

    Portal 2 has always been my favorite co-op game to play with friends. I find games that include teamwork or critical thinking as a group to be extremely fun with friends.
  5. DoomTanker

    DoomTanker New Member

    Definitely Borderlands 1 and 2 for me
  6. ServedHot

    ServedHot New Member

    BattleBlock Theater
  7. Sevyrn

    Sevyrn New Member

    The co-op multiplayer on Splinter Cell games are brilliant
  8. Splinter Cell (Blacklist) if u like stealth games
  9. ethanhello_no_id

    ethanhello_no_id New Member

    I know it was put down buy everyone but portal 2 is honestly one of the funnies co-op games there is
    Its long, enjoyable and so fun! Think it's pretty under-rated tbh
  10. freshheatOldLace069

    freshheatOldLace069 New Member

    Payday for sure
  11. Borderlands 2
  12. Evariel

    Evariel New Member

    Borderlands 2 and, a funny cheap game is castle crasher, too. I played it with my friends and I enjoy it!
  13. Foaser

    Foaser Active Member

    I have a pretty big list of games but these are just good fun to play with friends.
    Local Co-op:
    Starwhal ( more a Versus)
    Towerfall ( also more a Versus)

    Saints Row: The third
    Arma 3
    And i had a lot of fun with Borderlands 2 (especially tiny Tina's dlc)
    EDIT: Almost forgot Castle crashers...:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Co-ops i didn't play but heard a lot of good things about:
    Farcry 4

    And ofcourse the series of valve:
    L4D2 and Portal 2
  14. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    not sure if anyone said orion prelude. its very cheap on steam but fun as hell. basically halo vs dinosaurs
  15. CloudX

    CloudX New Member

    Borderlands 2 is my fav
  16. Gryphon22

    Gryphon22 New Member

    Any of the Borderlands, World of Warcraft(if you don't mind monthly sub), Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm(if you can get into the beta or buy the Founder's Bundle), Warframe and Marvel Heroes come to mind. There are a ton of them out there.
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  17. Foaser

    Foaser Active Member

    How could i forget about this beauty....
  18. CORALsoloKeppel384

    CORALsoloKeppel384 New Member

    Terraria all day
  19. An old game I used to play was rainbow 6 great co-op game
  20. drevils

    drevils New Member

    I vote for Far Cry
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