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Discussion in 'OSVR Discussions' started by Pelop, Jan 23, 2015.

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  1. Pelop17

    Pelop17 Member

    My friend and I created a game for the ios ( called SugarMan) and we created some other apps als.
    We became interested about the OSVR and we would like to devep for it since is an open sourse project... We were thinking of Unreal engine but how are we gonna test our games and what do we need to do that ?
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  2. Vincent Roma_no_id

    Vincent Roma_no_id New Member

    I wish to develop on OSVR myself too, more thinking about Unity but I also would be interest on any tips on that !
  3. Longterm game dev here, currently working on/with some of the new not-yet-to-market AR systems.

    You should be able to use a good standard engine such as Unity or Unreal (or any other) for development of the game, but will likely need some sort of custom hooks to create builds for the target platform (OSVR in this case). How that is done will likely be a matter of finding out how to once the SDK is released.

    Luckily with it being open source, and the Unity Asset Store being what it is, those hooks will likely be developed and released for OSVR integration and easily downloadable/purchasable through the Store (which is the case currently with Sixense and Leap Motion, Cast AR, CAVE projection systems, and DIS HLA interfaces). Whether or not this is done by individuals or community members, or by someone at either the engine or platform companies is the question, and may affect how robust it is.

    As far as I know, these types of integration hooks don't exist yet on the Unreal Engine Asset Store (I don't play in there much, so I may be wrong, or this may change by the time people see this reply), but I would guess they will have those sorts of integration tools in there fairly soon, as they can't really afford to not support these types of platforms, IMO.

    TL;DR you either can find, or will be able to find in the future, the proper code hooks in the various engines' asset stores to help make this reality, or you should be able to roll your own if you know how.

    EDIT: Here's an audio interview I found with Caitlin Meeks, who is basically the head curator of the Unity Asset Store, and in it she goes into a bit of info on the VR hooks on the store, so you can at least get a bit of an idea as to what is out there, as well as some other info on VR development. Hope it's a bit helpful:
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