Games Won't Launch after reinstalling new GPU driver

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Joel_IS_Cool, Feb 21, 2018.


Does anyone have the same problem?

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  1. Joel_IS_Cool

    Joel_IS_Cool New Member

    So recently, I installed Duet Display to use my old ipad as a monitor. After that everything was working fine and my laptop still worked with my TV. After I setup duet for some reason my connected TV keeps uninstalling or disabling my GPU driver (had a yellow triangle sign with an exclamation mark next to it). So like any person would do I reinstalled my GPU drivers. Everything worked and nothing crashed just as long I wasn't connected to the TV. When I was done with my work I tried launching PUBG but then was just a black screen, therefore I tried launching other games but kept crashing. I also tried deleting and reinstalling one of my games but still didn't work. Can anyone help me with this? I already tried contacting support I bet their just going to tell me to download drivers from their web and it didn't work last time. Someone help me please.
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Whew I’m not wrong duet display need your iPad to be plugged to your laptop right? (Remember that was iPad and MacBook exclusive, don’t know it works also for windows), something comes from Mac won’t work well with windows, try moonlight (streaming) if your purpose to have secondary screen on your iPad, i think it’s better because the gpu drivers Issue could be from duet display software, just guessing though.
  3. Joel_IS_Cool

    Joel_IS_Cool New Member

    Hey again, for some reason I can't launch games from my laptop monitor. not from Duet display. What I meant was that only happened after I installed duet display. So I can't even run games on my laptop is this a driver issue? what do I have to do. Do I have to reset windows?
  4. Joel_IS_Cool

    Joel_IS_Cool New Member

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