Gamma was stopped and closed, but the miner still works in the background

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Q-H-T, Feb 21, 2021.

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    This thread is just to help ppl who may have such an issue with their gaming experience after stopping Gamma from mining.

    This happened to me twice before I realized where the problem was. Usually, before I start a game I stop Gamma from mining and then resume mining after I am done gaming. However, a couple of days ago, I started a game after stopping Gamma from mining only to see the game performance drops drastically to the extent it is not playable. I tried different things to troubleshoot the issue while I am in the game cuz I didn't want to shut it down (i was in the middle of a battle), I closed Gamma from the background alongside several other applications but still, the performance was bad, so I shat down my PC and that eventually solved it. A couple of days later (Today) I encountered the exact same thing and the game just doesn't perform well even with Gamma and all other applications process permanently closed in the background, so I just closed the game and checked the task manager only to see that my GPU load is 100%!!! (Even though gamma was completely closed). I checked the processes one by one and found out that Ethminer (Which Gamma uses) is still working even after Gamma was stopped and closed. I shut that down and the games perform well again.

    Why the hell does the miner keep working even after Gamma was closed and stopped? U might want to Stop gamma one day or close it to give ur GPU a rest or do smth else, but also u might not know that the GPU is still farming in the background without u getting any silver for that workload!!!. Imma raise a ticket about that and hopefully, they work on this issue in the next update.

    Till that happens, this is the solution to restore ur game performance if u ever encounter this issue after closing Gamma in the middle of a Game. Also, did anyone actually had this issue before where ur game FPS is totally bad after stopping Gamma from mining? No? only me? cool this thread is here anyway to help if any
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