General questions about 50% Sale

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rickeh, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. TR4SCH

    TR4SCH Member

    Yes thanks :)
    i dont know what i will buy :D
    if already got a razer set .... mabe a new mouse xD
  2. hailtoredskins

    hailtoredskins New Member

    I would like to know if refurbished products (as in the Razer blade refurbished) is eligible, can't find the answer to this, thanks.
  3. Rc213

    Rc213 New Member

    Hope the servers can handle the load. I really want to test out the NABU X
  4. 71491

    71491 New Member

    The answer is always yes
  5. WhiteradioIVORY680

    WhiteradioIVORY680 New Member

    8pm PST is a really horrible time for those in western Europe. I hope the codes last until we wake up!
  6. QwynTV

    QwynTV New Member

    Does the 50% sale apply to an entire bundle or only to one item in the bundle (see razer classics family bundle) ?
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  7. Hubbie

    Hubbie New Member

    I had the same problem last night.
    If you haven't got your RazerID yet
    Go here
    Click on "GET COMMS ID" and fill in the fields.

    I still haven't got a solution about the Name being blank.
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  8. Pluffthesugartit

    Pluffthesugartit New Member

    Yeah so I been notified by razer support that the codes will only be supplies to active members so we are all done for.
  9. FunnyBunches

    FunnyBunches New Member

    Dang my page shows that too. And i know for a fact I have a RazerID set up with the same email and everything. Hope I can still get the code :eek:

    KOXOXOK Member

    Wait for the code on Sunday... hopefully the Razer servers doesn't crash on Monday... fingers crossed
  11. somanydynamos

    somanydynamos New Member

  12. easyDarkCyanJADE430

    easyDarkCyanJADE430 New Member

    Cant wait for the Code ~~
  13. Sweet-Chini

    Sweet-Chini New Member

    I had this same problem.
    I did what you posted and finally got my RazerID to show up in my page.
    But my "Name" field is still blank.
  14. h3llcry3r1

    h3llcry3r1 New Member

    I stay in Singapore so I assume the code will be available to me on Jan 12th 12am SG time?
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  15. snidn

    snidn New Member

    thank u it worked, i love u so much!!!
  16. TheOnlyJuanHere

    TheOnlyJuanHere New Member

    The answer is always maybe.
  17. sooooooooo does everyone get a code?
  18. Shieldo

    Shieldo New Member

    I just found the way to fill your name.

    If you have Razer Comm installed. Go to your Razer Comm Profile, you will find your name is empty. Fill in your name>Go back to external account (Razer Insider)>Disassociate your Razer ID and Associate again.

    You will find your name there. :blush:
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  19. Sweet-Chini

    Sweet-Chini New Member

    It worked, yehey!!!! Thank you very much!! :);)
  20. bigblacktom

    bigblacktom New Member

    How are they defining 'active'?
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